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Shaman Arena Spreadsheet

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From a player that goes 2-2 so far on his second run; how comes Illuminator is that up in the list? Its stats look terrible to me


Being new to this game, play arena to get some taste for epics and legendaries, got absolutely none lol

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2/4 for a 3 drop is actually pretty good, because of the way it interacts with other cards.


Say your opponent plays their turn 2, the most common type of 2-drop in arena is a 3/2. The game then passes back to you on your turn 3, and you play a 2/4. Your 2/4 trades with their 3/2 and stays alive, which starts to build an advantage for you. More commonly shaped 3 drops like 3/3 and 4/3 will just trade evenly with the opponents 2 drop, which is a disadvantage for you.

Short version, 4 health is a really good number.

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Yeah, so what about the interaction with a 2/3 2-drop which is also very common and can be situationally better than 3/2 (pump creatures, class abilities, t1 2/1)? Trades evenly.

3/3 can also trade up; 2/4 will never do it.

Basically, if you're saying that 3/2 is better than 2/3, that same argument should apply to 3/3 vs 2/4.


If you said "2/4 for a 3 drop is actually not THAT bad", I could agree.

But it's the comparison that matters here.

Why is it that Blackwing Technichian is tier6 (where it belongs IMO)? Are you suggesting that an average rare is worse than an average common (so vanilla 2/4 is above average rare while 2/4 with upside is below average common)?

I have a better idea: 3-drop 2/4 should always be below average (with or without minor upside).

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You're actually right, turns out in the 2+ months since I made that last post, my opinions on 2/4s have changed, mainly because of what you pointed out (more people picking 2/3s). Blackwing Tech was inserted with that new evaluation in mind, but Illuminator hadn't been moved, thanks for catching it.

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Hello, I just tried to find Vitality Totem and Thunder Bluff, but they were both missing. Just a heads up.

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An easy way to find cards is to first press ctrl + f, and then type in the card that you want. For example, if you want to find faceless manipulator, then start typing in faceless, and it will be highlighted. Of course, you need to be under the right tab (common, rare, epic, and legendary), and I'm not sure if it works on Mac (I'm on a Windows computer). 

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