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Nova Hero Synergies and Counters

Last updated on Sep 29, 2016 at 08:24 by Oxygen 25 comments

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General Information

On this page, we list the heroes you synergise well with, as Nova and those you are particularly vulnerable against.

The other pages of our Nova can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.

About the Author

Oxygen is a veteran of the MOBA genre, which he has been playing for nearly 15 years. He has coached some of Heroes of the Storm's most prominent North American players and teams alike, including Team Liquid. As a Diamond Flex player, he enjoys playing all Heroes and roles.

1. Heroes Nova Works Well With

In this section, we will look at Heroes that work particularly well with Nova.

1.1. E.T.C.

E.T.C. Portrait E.T.C.'s Rockstar Icon Rockstar and Speed Metal Icon Speed Metal provide invaluable increases to Nova's attack and movement speed. E.T.C. himself makes the perfect Hero to stand between you and your opponents with the strong peeling power provided by both Powerslide Icon Powerslide and Face Melt Icon Face Melt. Mosh Pit Icon Mosh Pit can combo Precision Strike Icon Precision Strike for unparalleled results.

1.2. Uther

Uther Portrait Uther's Holy Light Icon Holy Light, Holy Radiance Icon Holy Radiance, and Divine Shield Icon Divine Shield's burst healing and protection can keep you alive through the most dire of situations. Hammer of Justice Icon Hammer of Justice can be used as a peeling tool as well as a setup tool for Snipe Icon Snipe. Divine Storm Icon Divine Storm synergises very well with Precision Strike Icon Precision Strike.

1.3. Tyrael

Tyrael Portrait The slowing effects provided by Tyrael's El'Druin's Might Icon El'Druin's Might and Imposing Will Icon Imposing Will are helpful for Snipe Icon Snipe hits. Righteousness Icon Righteousness and Smite Icon Smite provide you with survivability and mobility. Judgment Icon Judgment's unconditional and predictable stun is notoriously deadly when combined with Precision Strike Icon Precision Strike and Snipe.

1.4. Tyrande

Tyrande Portrait Tyrande's: Hunter's Mark Icon Hunter's Mark is a reliable way of improving your burst, especially when coupled with Crippling Shot Icon Crippling Shot. Lunar Flare Icon Lunar Flare's stun can be used as a setup for Snipe Icon Snipe, and Trueshot Aura Icon Trueshot Aura provides yet another significant boost to your basic attacks. Hunter's Swiftness Icon Hunter's Swiftness and Anti-Armor Shells Icon Anti-Armor Shells can be combined to deliver an outrageously strong unavoidable attack.

2. Heroes Nova Is Countered By

In this section, we will look at Heroes that counter Nova particularly well.

2.1. Chen

Chen Portrait Chen's Flying Kick Icon Flying Kick's short cooldown allows him to continuously pressure Nova, all while the shields generated by Fortifying Brew Icon Fortifying Brew are too strong for you to significantly impact his health pool. Wandering Keg Icon Wandering Keg can either be used to unconditionally zone you away from your allies or bring you to your opponents — both of which are highly undesirable. Elusive Brawler Icon Elusive Brawler lets him avoid a large number of your basic attacks.

2.1.1. How To Play Against Chen

Since Chen relies on channeling Fortifying Brew Icon Fortifying Brew to use his abilities and generally stay alive, positioning yourself near allied Heroes with readily available interrupts can discourage him from engaging you at all. Crippling Shot Icon Crippling Shot and a focused effort from your team, especially as Fortifying Brew has been interrupted, can work well due to his relatively low health pool.

2.2. Illidan

Illidan Portrait Illidan's multiple gap closers in the form of Dive Icon Dive and Sweeping Strike Icon Sweeping Strike make him inescapable, while Evasion Icon Evasion, Nimble Defender Icon Nimble Defender, and Sixth Sense Icon Sixth Sense mitigate a large portion of your damage. To make matters worse, his Unstoppable frames make him difficult to peel off of you.

2.2.1. How To Play Against Illidan

Illidan is at his best when he can freely deliver sustained basic attacks. As such, it is imperative that you keep out of his melee range, a task made difficult by Dive Icon Dive and Sweeping Strike Icon Sweeping Strike. The best way of dealing with him is to kite and remain near allied Heroes who can offer crowd control. Avoid attacking him while Evasion Icon Evasion is active, which you can tell by his faded appearance. Burst him when Evasion is on cooldown, as his base health is very low. You just need to hold on to your abilities.

2.3. Tassadar

Tassadar Portrait Tassadar's Plasma Shield Icon Plasma Shield can instantly mitigate a large portion of your damage. Oracle Icon Oracle and Psionic Storm Icon Psionic Storm can be used to reliably dispel your cloak when you least want it. Dimensional Shift Icon Dimensional Shift makes Tassadar himself difficult to kill, as does Archon Icon Archon; the latter ability can be used to duel you with ease.

2.3.1. How To Play Against Tassadar

Try and avoid attacking Plasma Shield Icon Plasma Shield's target, indicated by a blue shield and health bar. Tassadar himself is never a good target due to Dimensional Shift Icon Dimensional Shift, and should not be attacked unless it is on cooldown. If you can, try and finish him off by using Snipe Icon Snipe, as otherwise, Prescience Icon Prescience, a popular talent, will proc and provide him with an escape, and potentially health, through Dimensional Warp Icon Dimensional Warp. Oracle Icon Oracle is such a strong counter to Nova that she should probably not be picked against a Tassadar in the first place. However, its cooldown is relatively long unless Mental Acuity Icon Mental Acuity is picked up.

2.4. Tyrael

Tyrael Portrait Tyrael's Judgment Icon Judgment's unavoidable stun can be used to hard-engage on Nova and follow up with high damage abilities such as Falstad's Hinterland Blast Icon Hinterland Blast. Unless supported, this combo will usually result in dying. In general, Tyrael can reveal and pressure Nova through El'Druin's Might Icon El'Druin's Might and Smite Icon Smite while making retaliating impossible due to Righteousness Icon Righteousness and Imposing Will Icon Imposing Will.

2.4.1. How To Play Against Tyrael

While Tyrael's damage is not that threatening on its own, Heroes that can properly follow up on a Judgment Icon Judgment cast are often lethal to Nova, as they are nearly impossible to avoid. Typically, it is upon your support to protect you against Judgment. You can, however, make combos harder to pull off by standing further back, forcing Tyrael to overextend out of other combo pieces and away from his own support. Alternatively, try to remain cloaked until Judgment has been used on someone else. Ghost Protocol Icon Ghost Protocol may be considered as a replacement for another Hero Level 20 choice to prevent the impending burst.

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