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Alarak Build Guide “The hour of my vengeance has come.”

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Table of Contents

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General Information

Welcome to our Alarak guide for Heroes of the Storm. Here you will learn everything you need to know in order to play Alarak in a competitive environment, whether you play on your own or with a team.

About the Author

Straften is a Grand Master ranked player in both Hero League and Team League. He has a passion for theorycrafting, and regularly tests new features early on the PTR. He explains his strategy, reasoning, and implementation in these guides.

1. Quick Reference

Discord Strike Build: close range burst damage with tools to close the range

Lightning Surge Build: poke and provoke enemies into Counter-Strike

Alarak synergizes with
Alarak is countered by
Alarak's stronger maps None
Alarak's average maps Battlefield of Eternity Blackheart's Bay Cursed Hollow Dragon Shire Garden of Terror Infernal Shrines Sky Temple Tomb of the Spider Queen Towers of Doom
Alarak's weaker maps None

Ability Usage:

  • Use Discord Strike Icon Discord Strike to Silence your enemies, leaving them vulnerable to your team's followup.
  • Use Telekinesis Icon Telekinesis to propel yourself into range of a kill, or push yourself to safety. You can also push enemies into danger!
  • Lightning Surge Icon Lightning Surge is a great follow up to Discord Strike, but be used on its own to recover small amounts of Health as needed.
  • Deadly Charge Icon Deadly Charge can be channeled from the fog of war due to its huge range, allowing you to enter fights by surprise. Make sure your team is ready as you have no escape.
  • Make whatever choices will help you establish dominance; even if that means sacrificing some of Sadism Icon Sadism's bonus damage for utility options.

Disclaimer: This is an early access version of our Alarak Guide. We will continue to update and add content as the meta involving him matures.

2. Introduction

Alarak is a melee Assassin who controls the battlefield by manipulating the positioning of his enemies. He can sacrifice raw damage for increased utility through Sadism Icon Sadism, allowing him to deal with each challenge differently. Telekinesis Icon Telekinesis allows him to push himself and enemies in any direction, while Discord Strike Icon Discord Strike can render them completely helpless afterward. He is incapable of clearing Minions and Mercenaries effectively, which means he is not self-sufficient. Alarak works best in direct cooperation with his teammates, as he can setup or secure takedowns extremly well.

3. Strengths

  • Can Silence enemies with Discord Strike Icon Discord Strike every 8 seconds
  • Can reposition himself with Telekinesis Icon Telekinesis
  • Great potential to setup takedowns
  • Can join teamfights from offscreen with Deadly Charge Icon Deadly Charge
  • Very high skill ceiling

4. Weaknesses

  • Poor waveclear
  • Cannot solo Mercenary Camps effectively
  • Discord Strike Icon Discord Strike's delay and short range make it a difficult skillshot.
  • Hard learning curve

5. Role in the Current Meta

Alarak is great for team compositions that need a melee Hero who can setup picks. He can push or pull enemies out of position, and then remove their ability to flee by silencing them. Alarak's kit forces enemies to respect his area of influence, as getting too close can quickly result in death when Alarak has teammates to follow him up. His kit is composed of poweful yet difficult skillshots, which can be extremely rewarding when combinations are executed flawlessly. Alarak works best on a team that can reliably follow up when he forces and enemy out of position with Telekinesis Icon Telekinesis. Reliably landing Discord Strike Icon Discord Strike and Telekinesis can be difficult. Putting in the time to get comfortable with these Abilities will be essential to leveraging his great potential.

6. Contents

To make it easy to navigate the guide, we have split it into 5 pages:

7. ChangeLog

  • 14 Sep. 2016: Guide Added
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