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Heroes of the Storm Master Tier List

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On 9/30/2020 at 2:42 AM, Guest Tarabad said:

Did Orphea get deleted?

Orphea has been accidentally removed a few days ago while doing other changes. We fixed it as soon as we noticed she was missing. Thank you for the report!

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2 hours ago, Guest Lurker said:

Imperius is presented in two drastically different tiers

As I mentioned in the Introduction, many Heroes belong to different Tiers based on which Role they are played as.

If you have any suggestion about making it more clear, feel free to share them!

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Guest Kepsert

I appreciate this tierlist as a player who had taken a many year break from the game! I was wondering though, is D.va missing intentionally or was it a little mistake?! Thanks! :D

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18 hours ago, Guest Kepsert said:

I appreciate this tierlist as a player who had taken a many year break from the game! I was wondering though, is D.va missing intentionally or was it a little mistake?! Thanks! ?

Oh, no! Where did she go? I'll look for her all day until she comes back home. Thank you for the report!

I'm glad you like our content! Take a look at our Hero Guides as well. We have one for D.Va Rework too!

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Guest ShadowChan

D.va is missing since the last update (08.02.21)

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Cheers! Some question(s) if I may...

Icy Veins is only one of the two tier lists I have found to be regularly updated for HotS currently. The other one that has been helpful is Grubby's. However, even these tier lists differ on some things. Most notably Hanzo being tier3 (mediocre) here, and first pick/ban on Grubby's. I have watched streamers playing on (grand)masters and Hanzo seems to be quite regular there. What makes him mediocre?

Some other examples:

Deckard is tier2 on Icy Veins, first pick/ban on Grubby

Genji is tier3 on Icy Veins, tier1 on Grubby

I think I understand Medivh and Cho'gall placements. But other than that, the tier lists are very close. 🙂 Is it possible to get an elaboration on why the three heroes I mentioned above are placed so low here?

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Hanzo is extremely hard to play at his maximum potential, therefore he is also hard to put in a specific Tier. If you make a Tier List based on power level only, then Hanzo is surely Tier S. If you make it based on a mix of power level and player's skill, then Hanzo drops down to Tier 1 at least. Last but not the least, distributing all the Heroes is a game of balance. The fact that I'm putting way less Heroes than others in Tier S has the advantage of putting more emphasis on certain Heroes but gives me less room to distribute the remaining Heroes.

After Ruby being nerfed, Deckard has lost power and popularity. You can notice this both in Storm League and in tournaments, if you like to watch them. Don't get me wrong, he is still a really good Hero without Ruby every 10 seconds; you just cannot prioritize him in draft like before. As a consequence of this, he doesn't belong to the top Tier of my Tier List, where I put strong and popular Heroes which are often being first picked and/or first banned.

Other than being a situational pick, Genji is another case of high skill floor and high skill ceiling Hero. Those things makes it hard to put him above Tier 3 in a Tier List like mine where Tier S isn't that populated and that Tier 1 contains the majority of Heroes that are above average in value. Based on skill expression and circumstances, Genji can be anything from Tier 3 to Tier 1 and cannot be higher than Tier 2 in my Tier List because of how it has been organized as a whole.

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