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Auriel Build Guide “Diablo is vanquished, and all evil with him.”

Last updated on Oct 08, 2016 at 07:20 by Straften 10 comments

Table of Contents

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General Information

Welcome to our Auriel guide for Heroes of the Storm. Here you will learn everything you need to know in order to play Auriel in a competitive environment, whether you play on your own or with a team.

About the Author

Straften is a Grand Master ranked player in both Hero League and Team League. He has a passion for theorycrafting, and regularly tests new features early on the PTR. He explains his strategy, reasoning, and implementation in these guides.

1. Quick Reference

Sacred Sweep Damage Build: good AoE for waveclear and team fights

Sacred Sweep Blind Build: great for countering Basic Attack damage

Detainment Strike Build: excellent for pick compositions

Auriel synergizes with
Auriel is countered by
Auriel's stronger maps Braxis Holdout Dragon Shire Infernal Shrines Tomb of the Spider Queen
Auriel's average maps Battlefield of Eternity Cursed Hollow Garden of Terror Towers of Doom
Auriel's weaker maps Blackheart's Bay Sky Temple Warhead Junction

Ability Usage:

  • Sacred Sweep Icon Sacred Sweep gives you good waveclear, and decent damage in team fights. Use it to build up Energy whenever it is available.
  • Try to get the most value out of your Energy by casting Ray of Heaven Icon Ray of Heaven on multiple allies.
  • Detainment Strike Icon Detainment Strike can be a great tool to setup kills in tight corridors; however, don't hesitate to use it just to peel pursuing enemies.
  • Be aware of your allies and move Bestow Hope Icon Bestow Hope to an ally who is positioning to deal damage.
  • Like other Stasis effects, Crystal Aegis Icon Crystal Aegis can be used to save allies from targeted Abilities.

2. Introduction

Auriel is a ranged Support who turns her team's damage into AoE burst healing. Although she relies directly upon her team's combat effectiveness to perform well, she greatly amplifies a winning team's momentum. When paired with another support who can provide her with increased mobility and supplimenal healing, she can be exceptionally powerful.

3. Strengths

  • Great waveclear for a Support
  • Strong AoE Burst heal when at full Energy
  • Can bring dead Heroes back to life
  • Good disengage via Detainment Strike Icon Detainment Strike

4. Weaknesses

  • Low mobility
  • Susceptible to dive
  • Cannot heal without storing Energy via combat
  • Very weak by when isolated

5. Role In The Current Meta

Auriel is usually best played as a secondary support. This is because she cannot heal at all under certain circumstances, and may need the assistance of another healer in order to build up her Energy efficiently. Due to her lack of mobility, she does well with Heroes who can help her to reposition when needed. She can be very strong against enemy team compositions reliant on Basic Attacks, as Blinding Flash Icon Blinding Flash can be used to prevent a lot of their damage. Although she is not perfect for every team composition, she can be truly remarkable with the right Heroes by her side.

6. Contents

To make it easy to navigate the guide, we have split it into 5 pages:

7. ChangeLog

  • 12 Sep. 2016: Text updated throughout intro section.
  • 16 Aug. 2016: Guide added.
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