Keybindings and Hotbar Setup for Red Mage — Endwalker 6.58

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Welcome to our keybinding and controller setup guide for Red Mage. Here you'll find example setups to play FFXIV for mouse and keyboard configurations, as well as controller users.


Keybindings and UI Introduction

Keybind setups are highly personal and subjective. For example, some users preferring to use exclusively the keyboard (using Ctrl, Alt and Shift as part of their keybinds), while there are some who click the majority of their buttons.


Redmage Hotbar Setup

Controller Keyboard and Mouse

For controller setups, some people are comfortable with no repetition and very quickly swapping between sets to use specific abilities when they need them. That said, it can be generally inconvenient to shuffle between sets to use a single oGCD when weaving between GCDs.

This setup is designed to provide continuity of the base rotation, while having each set focus on specific parts of the RDM rotation. The first set focuses on basic rotation and damage, the second set is used for AOE or melee combos, and the third set is for when you wish to use infrequently abilities for utility, such as Verraise Icon Verraise during prog. But all sets allow for some continuity so you have time to swap between hotbars with less urgency if needed.

This setup here is a middle ground but can be tweaked easily for Red Mage, with a combination of keyboard binds and clickable buttons.

  • It assumes a QWERTY keyboard, WASD for movement, and a gaming mouse with three extra buttons (one button in the middle and two on the side), but not a full MMO mouse.
  • 1-5 are used for the most commonly used single target GCDs for raiding (spells and combo finishers), with 6 being used for an emergency button.
  • QTGFVERX are all keys very close to WASD, making them easy to press. These are for frequently used skills (mostly oGCDs and situational GCDs). The same logic applies to abilities being bound on the third, fourth and fifth mouse buttons, such as Fleche Icon Fleche, Addle Icon Addle and Swiftcast Icon Swiftcast.
  • Meanwhile, melee combo, "once every minute or less" oGCDs, and some AoE spells are clicked. Melee combo icons have been enlarged to prevent misclicks.
  • Buttons rarely used in raid combat are also clicked, such as Displacement Icon Displacement, and AoE abilities.
  • Impact is bound on G as a compromise, as it finds use in two-target scenarios and makes AOE casting easier in dungeons if clicking Verthunder II and Veraero II.


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