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This is the main hub for the latest expansion to FFXIV, Dawntrail. Here, we will present information on the expansion, as well as links to our guides and overviews of new features and changes.


Dawntrail Trailer

Final Fantasy XIV's fifth expansion, Dawntrail, is set to be released in Summer 2024. Players will be able to explore the New World, undertake new challenges, master new jobs, triumph over new raids, and begin the second arc of the thrilling, award-winning story after the conclusion of a ten-year long saga.

Everything you know need to know about Dawntrail can be found on this Home Page, including all up-to-date information, guides, and articles about the expansion.


Dawntrail Release Date

The wait is over! The official release date for Final Fantasy XIV's latest expansion, Dawntrail, has been confirmed to be Tuesday, July 2, 2024. As always, Early Access is available for Warriors of Light who preorder the game allowing players to start their journey on Friday, June 28, 2024 pending maintenance, four days ahead of the official release date.

FFXIV Dawntrail Release Date

Pre-orders begin Tuesday, March 6, 2024 and players who preorder the game not only get in Early Access, but they also receive two unique items: the Wind-up Zidane minion, and the Azeyma Earrings. Like the Menphina Earrings before it, the Azeyma Earrings grant a 30% EXP bonus to all Disciples of War and Magic below level 90, allowing players to catch up to Dawntrail's content faster.


Dawntrail Benchmark

The Dawntrail Benchmark is now officially out! The benchmark is a stand-alone program separate from the game that allows players to create new characters or import currently existing characters, and test the player's system to see if their setup meets system requirements. It is not a trial version or a game, but runs the player's selected character through environments in Dawntrail. Players will get a sneak peek at the new graphical update, and create female Hrothgar that can be imported into Dawntrail when the game officially launches.

To download the Benchmark, visit the offical Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail Benchmark page.


Changes to FFXIV in Patch 7.0

Dawntrail continues to build on the strong foundation set by the Endwalker expansion. All the content players know and love are slated to be added to the game, but this comes with changes to existing systems and content expected to release with the massive update. Learn more about the various types of updates and what they mean for the game as a whole on our changes page.


Dawntrail Graphical Update

Graphical Update Final Fantasy Fanfest

The development team has spared no expense crafting the finest system updates for player enjoyment in Dawntrail. A full-scale graphical update will be added to the game, allowing for higher resolution textures, improved material quality, and stronger shadows while still preserving the current look and feel of the game. Additionally, dyeable gear will now have two dye channels, allowing players to mix and match their hues! To learn more about the graphical update, visit our overview page that shows samples of the update.


New Jobs in Dawntrail

Multiple New Jobs FFXIV Viper Pictomancer

Two new jobs will be released with Patch 7.0, confirmed to be a melee DPS job and a magical ranged DPS job. The first new job announced at the European FFXIV Fanfest is Viper, a job unique to FFXIV that wields dual blades with a fast-paced playstyle. Vipers can combine their twin swords to form a single double-ended blade to fell foes with heavy attacks. The second new job announced at the Japanese FFXIV Fanfest is Pictomancer, a job inspired by Relm Arrowny from Final Fantasy VI. Pictomancers use specialized brushes to render their imaginings reality, and paint the battlefield to defeat enemies and buff allies with both long casts and instant casts.

New FFXIV Job Viper
New FFXIV Job Pictomancer

Both Viper and Pictomancer will start at Level 80, and require both the expansion Dawntrail and another job at Level 80 to unlock. Viper will be unlocked through a quest in Ul'Dah, and Pictomancer will be unlocked through a quest in Gridania.

New Limited Job FFXIV Beastmaster

In addition, Beastmaster, a new Limited job, will be released. This will arrive in the latter half of the expansion and be similar to Blue Mage, where players can explore the world to build their job and complete duties with it.

New Job Hints

Changes to Existing Jobs in Dawntrail

Level 100

Existing jobs, as with all previous expansions will receive changes to existing actions and new actions. Jobs will receive new traits and actions as the level cap will be increased to level 100! No information has been announced about what current jobs may receive, but the level cap being 100 is sure to mean that players will be able to unleash the apex of each job's latent power.


New Race in Dawntrail

Level 100

Dawntrail will finally introduce the female Hrothgar, adding to the male Hrothgar already present in the game. Female Hrothgar hail from Ilsabard and are few in number, uniquely identified by their lithe muscular forms. Players who own the Shadowbringers expansion, included with Dawntrail, will be able to fantasia to Female Hrothgar when Dawntrail launches.


Crafting & Gathering in Dawntrail

New DoH/DoL Recipes

Disciples of the Hand and Land will acquire new abilities and recipes, as their level cap will be increased to 100 as well. They will receive new gear to craft, new zones to explore, and new nodes to gather from all in the New World, Tural!


New Duties in Dawntrail

Valigarmanda Final Fantasy XIV
New Dawntrail Enemies Final Fantasy XIV

Several new duties will be released in Dawntrail with Patch 7.0. If the pattern from previous expansions holds true, there will be a total of five leveling dungeons, three dungeons at level 100, three normal difficulty trials, and two Extreme trials. Patch 7.01 and 7.05 will release the Normal and Savage raids respectively.


New Dungeons in Dawntrail

New Dungeons FFXIV

New leveling and expert dungeons will be released in Dawntrail with Patch 7.0. Each dungeon will have new environments, gear, and enemies to defeat. The dungeons will be located in the zones of the New World, Tural. In addition, new Variant Dungeons will be introduced to broaden the lore of zones and characters.


New Trials in Dawntrail

Dawntrail will feature three trials as part of the main scenario experience. These trials will prove integral to the story and challenge players to their limits. Two Extreme versions of the trials will be released alongside Patch 7.0 to provide a smooth endgame transition for players looking for a challenge.


New Raids in Dawntrail

New Raids Final Fantasy XIV
New Alliance Raid Echoes of Vanadiel FFXIV

Dawntrail will introduce several new raids, including an Alliance Raid, high-end 8-player Raid, and at least one Ultimate Raid. The Savage Raid series is confirmed to be titled The Arcadion, with a story and setting unique to Final Fantasy XIV. The Alliance Raid series is confirmed to be titled Echoes of Vana'diel, a tie-in with the other Final Fantasy MMO, FFXI. Finally, one new Ultimate raid has been confirmed: Futures Rewritten (Ultimate), a raid based on the story of Ryne and Gaia through the Eden raid series. Learn more about the epic raids of Final Fantasy XIV on our Dawntrail raiding hub.


New Content Released in Dawntrail

Dawntrail brings with it all new core battle content known to Final Fantasy players, such as FATEs, Hunts, Treasure Maps, and lore-rich sidequests. Dawntrail will also feature updates to ongoing content players know and love, such as Blue Mage, Hildibrand, Deep Dungeons, the Gold Saucer, new Lifestyle Content, and more! Learn more about the updates to FFXIV content on our game updates page.


New Zones in Dawntrail

New Zones

The Dawntrail expansion will come with several different as-of-yet unknown zones to explore. Players will be able to travel across the oceans to the New World, Tural, heavily inspired by the cultures of Central and South America.


Unlocking Flight in Dawntrail Zones

Just like any other zone after A Realm Reborn, players can unlock flight by collecting all the Aether Currents in a specific area. Aether Currents can be found on the overworld and are rewarded from certain quests. Learn more about how to unlock flight in all the new zones in our Dawntrail flight guide.


Dawntrail Hunts

New Hunts will be introduced in Dawntrail, with Daily Hunts as well as Elite Marks with unique spawn conditions. These will be a great source of new materia and tomestones! You can find out more about the new hunts after Dawntrail goes live from our Dawntrail Hunts page.


Dawntrail Allied Societies

New Allied Tribes

With Dawntrail, Tribal Quests have been now renamed to Allied Society Quests.

New Allied Society quests will be released during Dawntrail. These will help players level up their disciplines and help settle conflicts between the various races of Eorzea. The first of the tribes, the Pelupelu, was shown during the North American Fanfest. The second of the tribes, the Moblins, were shown during the European Fanfest. Multiple different allies were teased during the Japanese Fanfest, including a diverse population of Mamool Ja and the Hanu Hanu. You can learn more about them on our Dawntrail Allied Societies page!


Dawntrail Player Hubs

Solution Nine

In addition to all the overworld zones, two new player hubs will become available in Dawntrail. The first was revealed to be Tuliyollal. Located in the northern reaches of Yok Tural, it is featured prominently in the expansion's imagery. This will be the main city visited in Dawntrail. The second was revealed to be Solution Nine, a futuristic city of towers constructed by an entirely different civilization than Tuliyollal. Solution Nine has been confirmed to be the endgame player hub of Dawntrail.


Leveling in Dawntrail

Players will have to level new and existing jobs to the increased cap of level 100 in Dawntrail. To learn about how to level Disciple of War and Magic jobs, visit our Dawntrail leveling guide.


Duty Support in Dawntrail

The Scions of the Seventh Dawn return for the adventure in Dawntrail, allowing players to do duties alongside them. It has been announced during the European Fanfest that Duty Support will be available for all instanced duties in Dawntrail! We'll have more information about the Duty Support system as soon as possible, so stay tuned!

Trusts Guide COMING SOON!

Free Trial Expansion in Dawntrail

In Dawntrail, the free trial of the critically acclaimed MMO will be expanded to include the entirety of the Stormblood expansion. This will include the raids, Eureka, and an epic story of liberation. This will occur with the release of Patch 6.5 in Endwalker, but it is sure to drive increased participation in old and new content alike.



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