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Best Alliance PvE Race

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Hello everyone, i was wondering which is the best race for Alliance Ret Paladin ...


my current race is Human, but i'm not feeling that it is useful for PvE Ret paladin ( i mean something to increase my damage )


for example Dwarf can give you Might of the Mountain: Critical strike bonus damage and healing increased by 2%.


Draenei can give you inv_helmet_21.gif Heroic Presence: Increases your Strength, Agility, and Intellect by 65 (scales with level).


While Human gives you inv_enchant_shardbrilliantsmall.gif The Human Spirit: Versatility increased by 100 (scales with level).


so Human gives me versatility which is the poorest stat for PvE, Dwarf gives 2% more critical damage bonus, Draenei gives 65+ Strength...


so what do you guys think? kinda stuck between dwarf and draenei ..

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From a strict numbers perspective, Draenei. I, personally, prefer Dwarves since the variance is something on the order of...I think about 75~100 DPS? And, as a Dwarf, Stoneform comes in real handy since you can't DPS if you're dead. Not sure on the current numbers for Gift of the Naaru, but straight damage reduction is quite often superior to a rather minor HoT.

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