Mythic+ Overview and Class Guides — Updated for BfA Season 4

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This page goes over the numerous systems involved in Mythic+ dungeons, the rewards structures, and exactly what you will need to do to receive your desired Azerite gear, Essences, and other rewards.


What is Mythic+?

Mythic+ is one of the main forms of end-game PvE content in WoW. It lets you increase the difficulty of the dungeons you experienced while leveling up, thereby increasing the amount and level of rewards that you get out of them. They also provide a competitive pursuit for many players. Competitive Mythic+ pushing is a significant part of WoW's PvE endgame.

Any Level 120 character can do Mythic+. There are no attunements or entry requirements for any dungeon, and all Battle for Azeroth dungeons can be done on Mythic+. To start a Mythic+ dungeon, make sure that the difficulty is set to Mythic, enter the dungeon and locate the "Font of Power". By interacting with this key and right-clicking a Mythic Keystone in your bags, you will be given the option to start the dungeon.

Mythic+ dungeons are one of the primary ways to get gear along with raiding. At the highest levels, they drop equivalent gear to Heroic Ny'alotha (465). At the start of each weekly reset, you will be able to open a box in your faction hub that contains rewards based on the highest level of Mythic+ dungeon you did in the last week. This reward includes a high amount of Artifact Power, Titan Residuum (which lets you buy 475 iLvl Azerite pieces), and a random piece of Mythic+ loot, with an item level of up to 475.


Mythic+ Tier Lists

We maintain Mythic+ Tier lists, where we rank classes from best to worst in that game mode. Please click the links below if you are interested in them.


Mythic+ Rewards

  • Up to Heroic Raid-level rewards at the end of each dungeon.
  • Drops a bit of Azerite Power at the end of each dungeon, while the Weekly Chest gives several thousand.
  • The only way to get 475 iLvl Azerite aside from Mythic raiding, via Titan Residuum Icon Titan Residuum.
Death Knight Demon Hunter Druid
Hunter Mage Monk
Paladin Priest Rogue
Shaman Warlock Warrior

Mythic+ Systems: Affixes, Difficulty, and Scaling

In addition to everything doing more damage and having more health, Mythic+ will rotate between a number of "Affixes" every week. Affixes are special effects and limitations that affect the dungeon's enemies in various ways. Some are harder than others, and there is a new set of Affixes every week.

We have dedicated information about Affixes to its own page, you can find it below.


Mythic+ Systems: Key Levels

For the rest of the guide, we will refer to "Mythic+ Dungeons" as "keys", as that is the most common terminology that you will see others use inside the game.

All Mythic+ keys have a "level". The first Mythic+ key that you are likely to obtain is going to be a Mythic+2 key for a specific dungeon. By entering a Mythic Dungeon and going to the Font of Power, you can place your key and start the dungeon on Mythic+2 difficulty.

All Mythic+ keys have 3 timers, mostly referred to as "+3", "+2", and "+1", or simply "in time". The +3 timer is the most difficult to beat, but if you do it, then you will get another key of a random dungeon that is 3 levels higher than the one you just finished. The same goes for +2 and +1.

If you fail to complete the dungeon in time, then you will get a key of a random dungeon that is one level lower than the one you just did.

Because of this, there is effectively no limit to the level of Mythic+ you can do, other than your ability to do the key that you have in time. Mythic+ "pushing" refers to trying to build up to the highest keys possible, and is one of the main forms of competitive PvE endgame content.


Mythic+ Systems: Rewards

Unlike regular Mythic Dungeons where loot drops off of each boss individually, there is no loot from bosses or mobs in Mythic+. All of the loot that the dungeon drops will be in a chest that spawns when the dungeon is finished. The item level and amount of loot that drops is determined by the key's level and dungeon. The maximum rewards at the end of the dungeon are obtained at Mythic+15.

Additionally, there will be a weekly chest/cache of rewards in your faction's main hub at the end of each week. This cache will contain rewards based on the highest Mythic+ key that you finished that week, regardless if you did it in time or not.


Mythic+ Loot and Item Level

The higher the level of the Mythic+ key you are doing, the higher item level loot will drop from it. This maxes out at Mythic+15. For each key level above +15 that you do, you will instead get a +40% chance at an additional piece of loot.

Mythic+ Level Loot iLvl - End of Dungeon Loot iLvl - Weekly Chest # of Loot - End of Dungeon
Mythic+10 455 465 3
Mythic+11 455 465 3
Mythic+12 460 470 3
Mythic+13 460 470 3
Mythic+14 460 470 3
Mythic+15 465 475 3
Mythic+16 465 475 3 (40% chance of 4th piece)
Mythic+17 465 475 3 (80% chance of 4th piece)
Mythic+18 465 475 4 (20% chance of 4th piece)

The same trend continues for all higher key levels. The quality of the reward does not improve, but the amount of loot that drops does increase.


Titan Residuum

Titan Residuum Icon Titan Residuum is a currency that you get in your weekly Mythic+ chest at the end of each week. You can also obtain it by scrapping Azerite items. The higher the item level of the scrapped Azerite, the more Titan Residuum you get.

Titan Residuum is used to purchase Azerite armor from Thaumaturge Vashreen, a vendor that can be found in your faction's main hub. The Azerite armor you can buy varies from item level 445 and up to 475, which is the equivalent of Mythic Ny'alotha Azerite Armor. The Azerite pieces are equivalent to the ones that can drop from Mythic dungeons themselves (although not Mythic+), but with their item level scaled up. Using Titan Residuum, you can purchase tokens for each Azerite Armor slot (Helm, Shoulder, and Chest).

Using one of the tokens will give you a random piece of dungeon Azerite within that slot (there are 6-7 pieces per slot). At the 475 iLvl tier, you can choose to save up a lot of Titan Residuum and simply buy the exact piece of Azerite Armor that you want.


Mythic+ Essences

Doing Mythic+ will grant you access to unique Azerite Essences for your Heart of Azeroth. These Essences are primarily good for Mythic+ content, but can often be useful for raid content as well.

All of the Essences are obtained in the same way.

  • For Rank 1, you have to do a Mythic+4 dungeon. The Essence will be in the loot chest at the end. You do not have to time the key to get this reward.
  • For Rank 2, you have to do a Mythic+7 dungeon. The Essence will be in the loot chest at the end. You do not have to time the key to get this reward. You do not need to have Rank 1 to get Rank 2, so you can do a Mythic+7 and get Rank 2 immediately.
  • For Rank 3, you have to collect Focused Life Anima Icon Focused Life Anima from your Weekly Chest. The amount of Focused Life Anima in the chest depends on the highest Mythic+ key you did in the previous week. You can obtain Rank 3 in just 2 weeks by completing a Mythic+15 dungeon for 2 weeks in a row.
  • For Rank 4, you have to complete all Mythic+15 keys in time. Then, you can use Titan Residuum to buy the Rank 4 Essence from the Titan Residuum vendor.

Mythic+ Essences for Each Role

  • Essence of the Focusing Iris Icon Essence of the Focusing Iris is the Mythic+ DPS Essence. The Major is a powerful AoE beam that hits all targets in front of you, but has a cast and channel time. The Minor is a Haste buff that stacks on you for as long as you keep hitting your initial target.
  • Anima of Life and Death is the Mythic+ Tank Essence. The Major is an ability that deals AoE damage based on your maximum health and heals you for 10% of your health for every target that you hit, up to 50% (at Rank 3). The Minor is a stacking maximum health buff that is lost if you drop below 35% health. You get a stack every 5 seconds, as well as whenever you kill an enemy. When at 10 stacks, you also get a small amount of healing every 5 seconds.
  • Life-Binder's Invocation Icon Life-Binder's Invocation is the Mythic+ Healer Essence. The Major is an ability that applies 40 stacks of the Seeds of Eonar buff, split between group members. Each Seed causes a small amount of healing whenever you take damage. The Minor will cause your heals to continuously provide individual Seeds of Eonar to the target that you are healing.

Titan Residuum Mythic+ Chest Rewards

This table will show you the amount of Titan Residuum that you can expect in your Weekly Chest for each key level.

Highest M+ Done Titan Residuum in Weekly Chest
Mythic+10 ~1700
Mythic+11 ~1790
Mythic+12 ~1880
Mythic+13 ~1970
Mythic+14 ~2060
Mythic+15 ~2150
Mythic+16 ~2240
Mythic+17 ~2330
Mythic+18 ~2420 (iLvl 475 Azerite every 2 weeks)
Mythic+19 ~2510
Mythic+20 ~2600

Titan Residuum Vendor Costs

This table will show you the amount of Titan Residuum that you will need to buy certain tokens from the Titan Residuum Vendor.

Piece Titan Residuum Cost
Random 445 iLvl Azerite 175
Random 460 iLvl Azerite 900
Random 475 iLvl Azerite 4750
Specific 475 iLvl Azerite (any M+ piece) 20000
Rank 4 Mythic+ Essence (requires achievement) 75

Titan Residuum Amounts from Scrapping

This table will show you the amount of Residuum that you will get when scrapping Azerite armor.

You can find even more information about Azerite Armor, what it provides, and how it is obtained on our Heart of Azeroth page.

iLvl Titan Residuum Amount
445 40
460 200
475 1000

Mythic+ Limitations

There are a few limitations in Mythic+ dungeons that do not apply in regular dungeons, which include:

  • You cannot change your items or talents inside the dungeon. You can leave the dungeon and do so, and summon stones also work inside Mythic+ dungeons.
  • You cannot, at any point, change members during Mythic+. The players that were present when the key started must be the only ones present throughout the entire dungeon.
  • In Mythic+ dungeons, you only have a limited amount of combat resurrections. As the dungeon progresses, you will get more.

Mythic+ Terminology, Tips, Tricks, and Resources



If you start a Mythic+ dungeon, and then leave the dungeon, right-click your own portrait and reset the instance, then your Mythic Keystone will go down one level, while still being the same dungeon. Sometimes, groups may wish to do a lower key to save time and effort. This practice is usually called "Lowering" or "Deleveling" a key.



Mythic+ Dungeons have an "Enemy Forces" counter". This determines the amount of trash mobs that you need to kill in order to complete the dungeon. To satisfy this requirement, you do not need to kill all of the mobs in a dungeon. Using items like Draenic Invisibility Potion Icon Draenic Invisibility Potions and Rogues' Shroud of Concealment Icon Shroud of Concealment can let you completely skip certain difficult or annoying packs, thereby saving a lot of time.

More advanced strategies include one party member pulling a pack of mobs to the side, letting the rest of the group walk through the gap, and then intentionally dying, feigning death, or Vanishing to get back to the group (after being ressed, in case of a "death skip" strategy).

You can find more detailed information about Shroud of Concealment skips on our Shroud of Concealment Trash Skips Page.

8.3. Score

The most popular way of ranking and competitively judging Mythic+ players is via the website and its associated addon. assigns all players a score based on the level of keys they have done, and thousands of players compete to raise their score. Most pugs will also look for a certain score as a minimum, or will prioritize players with a higher score.



A Mythic+ Keystone is required to start any Mythic+ dungeon; they are items that sit in your bags, and they can be obtained in the following ways:


If You Have No Keystones

  • Complete any Mythic dungeon. The final boss will drop a Mythic+ Keystone for a random dungeon.
  • Complete a Mythic+ dungeon using another player's keystone. The loot chest will drop a Mythic+ keystone.
  • If you finished a Mythic+ dungeon in the last week, you can visit your faction hub's Grand Challenger's Bounty Weekly Chest and get a new one. The new keystone will be 1 level lower than the highest you did last week.

War Scrolls

Since Mythic+ is 5-man content, it is likely that you will not have all of the essential group-wide buffs at your disposal, such as Arcane Intellect Icon Arcane Intellect (Mage), Power Word: Fortitude Icon Power Word: Fortitude (Priest), and Battle Shout Icon Battle Shout (Warrior).

To fill these gaps in your buffs, we recommend using War-Scroll of Battle Shout Icon War-Scroll of Battle Shout, War-Scroll of Fortitude Icon War-Scroll of Fortitude, and War-Scroll of Intellect Icon War-Scroll of Intellect. These can be created cheaply by Scribes, or they can be bought off the Auction House. It is always worth having a few of each scroll in your bags if you frequently do Mythic+, as all of the buffs are very powerful.


Character Traits for Mythic+

Generally speaking, the most important thing in Mythic+ dungeons and speed is having powerful cleave and AoE damage. However, bosses also make up a substantial part of any dungeon, so single-target damage should not be ignored, but AoE tends to be the most important thing.

Survivability and utility are also important, especially for higher keys. Immunities and powerful defensive cooldowns can be invaluable, as some mechanics cannot be avoided and must simply be mitigated or immuned.

Interrupts with short cooldowns are valuable as well, but gaps can also be filled by stuns. Stuns can also be used to interrupt abilities that are not otherwise interruptible. The same goes for other forms of crowd-control, like knockbacks.

Offensive dispels can also be useful for certain mobs in certain dungeons. We have a page dedicated to Mythic+ dispels for more information.


Mythic+ Dungeon Timers

This table shows you the timers required for all of the Mythic+ dungeons, including the time required for a +2 or +3 completion.

Dungeon +1 (In Time) +2 +3
Atal'dazar 30:00 24:00 18:00
Underrot 33:00 26:24 19:48
Freehold 36:00 28:48 21:36
Siege of Boralus 36:00 28:48 21:36
Temple of Sethraliss 36:00 28:48 21:36
Tol Dagor 36:00 28:48 21:36
Kings' Rest 39:00 31:12 23:24
Waycrest Manor 39:00 31:12 23:24
The MOTHERLODE!!! 39:00 31:12 23:24
Shrine of the Storm 39:00 31:12 23:24

Thanks For Reading!

Thank you for reading our Mythic+ Guide. This guide will be continuously updated with new information as time progresses. You can submit your own feedback, constructive criticism or suggestions in our forum.



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