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Best reward/time?

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Hi there!


I'm new to this game, Just started playing a week ago.


I've been playing the daily rewards.


So far I've got about half the nine decks above (20/20 cards).


I'm trying to optimize my Time playing the game and optimize my gold.

I haven't spent any real $$ on the game yet. I don't plan to spend real $$ on the game until I get better and get all the free cards.


I've only played one area run. I only won one game.


I've decided to stay away from the arena at least until I've gotten all the decks up to 20/20 cards and beaten them all on expert level. Is my time better spent playing the AI or playing players? Is the best use of real money the Naxxramas cards?


So far I have 790 gold.


I've been just playing against real opponents of equal skill. Is this the best use of my time?


What's the best use of my time playing the game as far as gold per hour spent?





Edit: Am I asking the right questions?


PS: How much real money have you spent on this game? How much time have you spent on this game?

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Arena is the most efficient way to build a card collection if you actually get successful at it. However, for a newer player that's struggling with Arena, the most efficient way to build gold goes something like this:
- Look at your Daily Quest each day, if it rewards 40 gold, roll it into something else, no matter what it is. 40 is the worst reward possible, and many quests offer 60 Gold, with one even offering 100.
- Refer to this page https://www.icy-veins.com/hearthstone/gold-guide and look for achievements that you have yet to unlock, and work towards those.
- Play Casual games against real opponents, or ranked, for as long as you can, each three games you win will earn you 10 Gold.
Naxxramas is definitely a wise investment for either real money, or your gold. Although you get less cards for your currency than buying packs, you are guaranteed good cards. Undertaker, Mad Scientist, Haunted Creeper, Sludge Belcher, Loatheb, Kel'Thuzad, amongst others are all mainstays in top level constructed decks, and you definitely want to have them in your collection.

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Thanks so much for the great reply!!


It looks like it will take me at least a month or two to get enough gold to buy the Naxxramas.


Does everyone just pay the $20 and buy the Naxxramas or is it better to spend a month or two grinding out the gold for it?

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