Question about Prot trinkets

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I have the following trinkets for my warrior.

Grandiose Resistance with leech

Tectus' Beating Heart


Knight's Badge


AMR is saying to use the Knight's Badge and Beathing heart, but I'm not sure that Tectus' beating heart is better than the Grandiose trinket since the beating heart has no bonus armor. With Beating heart on I have 48.9% physical damage reduction. With Grandiose I have 50.19% So my question is, should i trust AMR and use Tectus' Beating Heart or trust my gut and use Grandiose Resistance with leech and Knight's Badge?

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Oh, sorry. :x I'm glad you bumped this. I'd go with the Beating Heart, personally. The raw physical damage reduction isn't huge, but the crit proc on the Beating Heart will be very nice. Leech isn't really a concern, it just doesn't do enough. =/

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