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DPS Problems with UH DK

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Hay guys,


in my opinion I got a huge lag of DPS with my UH DK right now. I got an Itemlevel of 660 and I'm dealing 21k at the Boss Puppet in a fight over 3 minutes. Maybe you guys can help me with my problem because I thought I know how to play this specc


Warcraft logs:





I hope you guys can help me greetings Eshaar


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One big issue that I see immediately from your last pull is Defile usage. You need to pretty much use this on cooldown, but can hold off for few seconds if you know a boss movement is happening soon. For a 10:30 attempt, you should get close to 20 Defile casts.

You also seem to be using Horn of Winter in your rotation. HoW has changed in WoD and no longer grants runic power, so this should never be in your rotation. You will only need to use it if you have to rebuff someone mid-fight.

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You also have 10 soul reapers, but only 4 hit for their execute damage. Every soul reaper that didn't execute is going to be about a 15k damage loss over using a scourge strike instead. Your soul reaper usage is spread out throughout the fight, so I'm assuming you were probably trying to get off soul reapers on adds, which can be good, but it's a gamble. Only 4/10 executing tells me you need to get a little bit better at timing it. If your group kills adds quickly you may need to pre soul reaper at like 60% and just know the add will be under 45% when it goes off.


On the topic of soul reaper also, judging by the Warcraft logs replay of the fight, the boss was at 45% roughly 5:45 into the fight. that means you should have had nearly 5 minutes of using soul reaper on cooldown on the boss (excluding transition). with a 6 second CD, subtracting out 2min +/- for the transition, and you could have easily done 30 more soul reapers in that attempt. Your soul reaper hits for about 30k more than scourge strike so thats 900k more damage for the fight, increasing your dps from 18.2k dps to 19.6k. And thats just based on your 18% wipe. With more soul reapers your dps is going to keep increasing all the way to the end of the fight. You could easily end at 21k dps. without changing anything else other than more soul reapers.


Combine that with a lot more defiles like Drum's mentioned and you should be able to easily get to 22-23k dps.

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