Prot Paladin with DPS issues

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Hey there.


Recently i'm struggeling to do any decent dps on my prot paladin.

I play like i've always been playing and folowing the rotation mentioned here on Icy Veins.

I've been wrapping my head around what i might been doing wrong and it's doing my head seeing other tanks outdps me when i know i'm better geared then some. is the log from Mytich butcher progress last night and i only did 16k dps which is really low. my armory link.


Hope you guys can help me



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I'm thinking your ability priority might be your biggest problem. I doubt it based on your gear level but it is the only thing I can think of. So what is your priority?


Really doubt mine is the "correct" one for WoD but mine is

SotR > Crusader Strike > Judgement > Holy Wrath > HoW > Consecration. Mixing in anything else where I can as keeping 3 holy power generators on CD is a tall order sometimes.


Prot talents are pretty close to balanced in my limited understanding. I, personally, find sepharim to be a PITA due to the steep 5hp requirement. Always feels like I'm lowering my DPS in order to use sepharim to boost my DPS. Back in the day I loved the spell_holy_blessingofprotection.jpgHoly Shield talent. I'm loving the current version too. Blocking a magical attack always makes me giggle and the 15% to block chance works incredibly well with [Glyph of the Alabaster Shield]...too well even. Probably the reason they are nerfing that glyph in 6.1.0...actually I think 6.1 is the tooltip fix believe they nerfed it already in a hotfix.



Having looked through your logs some more I think your priority is fine, whatever it is. You are hitting all your holy power generators almost the instant the cd is up according to my napkin math.


It doesn't look like you are doing anything wrong, per say. The only thing that stood out to me in the logs was the Time Warp first thing. I thought you wanted that for the last phase because of frenzy?

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i only alt a pally tank, so my advice may not apply that well. but i'd change your t5 talent to HA or DP, seems like you're taking a while to get serap up on pull, and that'd help loads.


also, assuming the grop healing isnt needed i'd go w/ ES for your t6 talent.


and timing your second pot with a serap and not just at the tail end of it would help a little, stacking CD's > not stacking CD's


again, i just alt a pally, so i might be off the mark on somethings :)

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