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For whatever reason I feel like I am so out of touch with the arcane spec I can't even really get it to work.  I have spent most of my time mastering frost and feel like now that I am changing to Arcane my DPS is soooo much lower.

Has anyone else had this issue?  Logs below to describe what I mean.

Arcane Log

Frost Logs


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KArgath mythic is maybe not the best boss to check your dps due to the favor of the crowd buff smile.png


But even though, here are some observations :


-You did not use potion during the bloodlust

-You have been using supernova only at the pull and at 3:30, you should use them whenever they are up and if you are full mana, (unless you save them for prismatic cristal burst).

-You forgot to recast rune of power after minute 4 (huge dps loss)

-You also might have forgotten a burning phase regarding the timing when you use evocation.

-Your arcane missile buff is almost always up, meaning that you must forget to cast them quite often when you have 4 arcane charges (look at  the logs of the guy who pulls 33k on the butcher to see how arcane missile buff uptime would look like if you use them regularly).


That is quite a lot to correct already smile.png

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Your rune uptime is very low. It should be around 95%+

Basically, you had no rune of power (+15% spelldmg) buff for 2/3 of the fight, and you re-casted it quite often as it seems.

I usually cast RoP twice to maintain 98%+ on mythic kargath


Try using ur PC on both cat and boss if you get a chance


Don't use your 2nd burst-cooldowns (after 3 mins) on cd, wait for bloodlust-- unless you guys bloodlust at start, then you can do w/e you like.

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