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Hello everyone,id like to understand why my dps with my lock as affli isnt that great.Heres the armory:

Atm i am doing ~35-38k on the level 90 dummy,which seems very low to me,given my item level.Obviously im missing some gems and enchants,but that souldnt be that much of a difference,i feel like im doing something universally wrong.

Rotation : I start with curse of elements,cast haunt then soulburn soulswap,and malefic grasp.When one of my dots is about to expire,i recast it,but sometimes i lose some time (as in not 100% dot uptime).I try to never drop agony.Might help to say that sometimes i drop the malefic grasp cast in the middle,in order to refresh one of my dots(not much but could belp you guys understand).

Feel like i should be doing much more dmg than 35 k on dummy...Any help will be appreciated!

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On the operner is it better to start with a soulburn soul swap then haunt or a haunt followed by a sb:ss ?

Start with SB:SS. You want to be using MG the entire duration of Haunt

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