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Butcher is butchering me

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I was "progressing" Butcher myth today and died in every try while my co-tank (paladin)

remained mostly unharmed. Since my tanking was obviosly not enough for this i got switched out. Hope somebody can help me. 



I recently switched from crit enchants back to mastery for smoothing but i didnt rly noticed a difference in the damage intake.

Thanks in advance

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I'll leave anything specific to The Butcher to someone who has actually done the fight on mythic, but I noticed a few things.

I enjoy lurking and analyzing other people's logs to see what I can learn.  I normally don't bother posting anything because Estarriol is amazing and does a far better job than I ever could.  As nobody has responded yet I figured I'd add my two cents.


1. Looks like you only used one armor potion the entire night.  Unless there is some reason not to, I'd use one on the pull and then one later on.  That is a ton of damage reduction.


2. I don't remember where I saw this, but I believe you get better damage reduction from the armor enchant (Mark of Blackrock I think?) rather than the crit enchant.


3. I could be reading WCL wrong, but I don't think you ever cast vigilance on your co-tank. I believe you were getting vigilance from one of the other warriors, Skratqt.  The other warrior does not look like they ever used their vigilance.  Not that you casting vigilance helps your survival, but it would help theirs.



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Hi, thanks for responding,


as for your advice:

1.I used at least one Armor Pot on every pull, didnt use the 2nd one bc it was often not worth it since it often led to a wipe

2.Going to replace my Weapon enchant now 

3.I cast Vigilance on my CoTank very few times bc he doesnt seem to have any Problems with Dmg Intake and often times calls for it if he "predicts" Spikes of Damage


For the Encounter itself i try using a Cd or call for one before each Tenderizer. I often hear the advice to keep a Shield Block ready for each tenderizer, but if it doesnt coincidently happens during my uptime i cant change it. I have to keep Shield Block up as soon as i get a charge, since im taking insanely high spike dmg even if i dont tank (tho its less). Im also trying to use max rage shield barriers aside of those few panic sb reflexes at 20%hp. 


P.S.Compared to the time i ran crit enchants/gems i somehow seem to get less cleaver dot stacks with lower parry chance (feel trolled on this one >_<)

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I've been having similar problems with my toon warrior in this fight, both normal and heroic. I feel like this fight is intentionally super hard for tanks, and you're not expected to survive without outside cooldowns like Hand of Sacrifice, Pain Suppression, etc.

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the problem is i never really had problems with butcher, neither on heroic nor normal. mythic on the other side and not only butcher but all of mythic seems to utterly destroy me compared to my offtanks. I cotanked with every class except druid and if i tank a boss for a longer period of time i receive spiky dmg compared to their smoothness. i rly enjoy tanking and my warrior and wouldnt want to switch just bc its easier dmg intake wise. Im appreciating every piece of advice/help you give me, thank you.

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