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Blood DK DTPS Analysis - Mythic Butcher

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I've noticed that our resident blood DK is taking a significant amount of dtps compared to our other tanks and other guilds logs in general. I have little to no knowledge of blood dk tanking mechanics so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 


Logs :   https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/hAQNgmYWnr1JdFbw#fight=37&type=damage-taken


Armory : http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hyjal/Lamentations/simple



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He is playing sindragos breath , loosing 10% dmg reduction on a boss he doesn't have an issuse with uptime

Also blood boiling on single target should use them runes else wear maybe for defile

bone shield up time is pretty bad

his pre pull is aweful

tell him to use a strength pot on pull with bone shield up b4 the pull . His blood shield up time is bad .

In summary I'm sorry to say baddy

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He's gemming and enchanting multistrike which provides absolutely 0 benefit to DTPS or HPS. multistrike is fine if you're trying to rank on farm, but it's the worst possible stat if you're taking too much damage during progression.


pre-pot armor is actually best, because bonus armor gives AP also, so he's doing that right.


I see that he already changed to defile, that's a much better option than sindragosa's breath.


bone shield uptime is fine, he's using it basically on cooldown, but the boss is ripping his face off, so the stacks don't last long. thats why the uptime is so low.


He should definitely be using rune tap more often if his damage taken is an issue, and he also doesn't use vampiric blood nearly as often as he should. only 1 icebound fortitude is fine because he'd have to use it on pull for it to just barely be up again for the soft enrage at 30%. it's probably better to just save that for where he really needs it.


His overhealing isn't too bad, which means he must be timing his deathstrikes, or he just got really lucky. his self healing seems a little low though. It's common for a DK to take way more damage than any other tank, and it certainly makes us look squishy, but we usually make up for it with way more self healing. he is doing 10k higher hps than the pally, but his DTPS is 18k higher. 

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