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spriest help - when dot weaving goes wrong

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First off, awesome guides across the board!


i know i have a long way to go to improve my priest dps but i wanted to ask a few basic questions.


i understand dot weaving is number 1 for dps and whenever i can i try to execute this rotation. Unfortunately i do mess up reguraly in the higher movement fight, this is where my questions come in.


I have been trying to master stepping towards things (like the flames in kargrath, or mushrrom in bracken) while doing mind blast, i also make use of body and soul and cast shield on myself regurlarly (which has had a positive effect on my dps due to reflective shield)


Its during dot weaving phase that i seem to get the issue on, whethers its avoiding tectus's mountains or the fire from twins.


ive always been told survival over dps, but say i have 4 orbs and had to move after casting the first spike, preventing me form being able to cast vt and swp before mb is off colldown what would the best make shift rotation be?


whats the highest priority to make best use of the situation?

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Ah yes.  Recovering from mistakes =)  Especially on movement heavy fights, mastery of this art that min-maxers want to pretend doesn't exist is essential.


Let's start with your example.  ...um, wait, I don't think I understand your problem.  You have to move after you cast the first spike, so you're unable to cast the following spell in the rotation, shadow word pain, which is instant cast?  Please clarify what you're asking.  If you're saying that you're, as a player, unable to both move and cast an instant cast spell at the same time, there's no helping you XD


So let's say (mind blast, 4 orbs) (gcd1)shadow spike... oh crap gotta move!  start moving (gcd2) sw:Pain! finish moving (gcd3) VT!  and then mind blast and proceed as normal.  Or, you have to move a LOT for some reason.  (gcd2) sw:Pain!  oh shit, i gotta keep moving, tectus red dust let's say, ok... (gcd3) self cast PW:Shield!  from gcd2 through gcd3 and even during the following mind blast, you just keep moving as far as you need.  I can't think of a time where you need to keep moving even beyond that except maybe for Twins' Quake, but mastering casting during quake is an art in and of itself, and you should be using angelic feather for that anyway IMO.


So I hope that helped you there.  But let's say you make a human error and you wind up with 5 orbs while you're not paying attention but you don't have dots up.  What you could do is (mb, 5 orbs) realize mistake (gcd1) spike, (gcd2) spike, (gcd3) DP, mind blast, (gcd1) insanity, (gcd2) clip into a new insanity, (gcd3) continue with previous insantiy, mind blast.  then just mind spike until you're back at 4 orbs and try to do dotweaving correctly this time through. 


Occasionally I'll screw up my rotation somewhere and confuse myself.  I typically try to default to either self-shield (no speed boost, I always use angelic feathers talent) OR mind flay, clipping it half way with whatever I'm supposed to be doing.  You could use mind spike, but sending out a random mind spike might kill off one of your 3 dots, so I don't recommend it.


As you spriest more, you'll find you need to fall back on these 'bandages' less often.  Keep practicing and rock some meters =)


If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

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