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First crack at Sub, need pointers

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I normally play combat, but I wanted to give sub a try, esp. since it seems to shine in single target fights right now.

Here is my armory:


And here are logs from multiple Imperator attempts last night:





I already see my Rupture uptime needs to improve - is there anything else that sticks out to anyone?


Also, I do have two Phemos Double Slashers (670 ilvl) for my combat spec.  Is it true that using one of them as my OH as sub is an increase over using one of the daggers?


Since I will probably toggle between specs, I am gemmed and enchanted for multistrike currently (excluding weapons).  Best course of action, or no?


I will probably also end up posting the comabt side of things at some point because I know that needs improvement too, but I wanted to start with this.





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Your cooldown use needs a lot of work. Just going off the most recent Imperator wipe that you linked, there's a lot of times where you didn't cast Shadow Dance. Especially at the beginning, since it took you 3 minutes to use your first one


The same applies to Vanish - you really should use it every chance you get, since it allows more Ambushes and therefore more uptime on FW


You also used CT quite a bit, for no particular reason it seems.


Your only Garrote wasn't used in your opener like it should be


You cast Recuperate a LOT. I mean a lot. The heal from it is weak enough that it's probably not worth ever using, especially when it takes away a significant amount of damage as Sub due to using cp's


Didn't mention Rupture and SnD uptime since you said that already. 

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Thanks Carrn!


Strange that warcraftlogs labels that attempt as a wipe, as we killed him on that final attempt (guild first too!)


For bufftime awareness during a fight (i.e. need to reapply Rupture, refresh SnD and Hemo, etc.) - what do you recommend as an addon?  I'm currently using Spellflash for this, but I have noticed that at times the buttons do not flash when things drop off (and maybe I'm becoming too dependent on it instead of manually paying attention).

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the thread that emonela linked is what I recommend, seeing as it's my own setup xD


I do have to update it at some point in the near future since I've changed a few things, but the basic idea is still the same

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