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Taking a stab at subtlety (heh..)

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Hello Rogue forums!


I main a Warlock and spend a fair amount of time over at the darker parts of these boards. Recently I've tried getting up to par on my stealthy alt but I feel I don't put up the numbers my ilvl should allow.


These are logs from just now where I felt I did everything right (except for the late potion, I overestimated the time remaining of the fight) but my numbers are only around the 60th percentile. Obviously there are a couple areas where I can improve but I'm at a loss as to where.


Any and all tips and pointers are very welcome. I have no problems hearing the harsh truth so lay it on me!


This is my armory profile: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/grim-batol/Vilestump/simple

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Everything seems pretty good. Could touch up your uptimes a little, but they're not awful


Only thing I can really see is that you aren't pooling a lot of energy before Dancing, which won't (really) matter once you get the 2pc from BRF

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