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I was looking at the weight stats on the simulationcraft page and askmrrobot to clarify wich gems are best for warrior arms and TG and SMF fury warriors.

Starting with the simulationcraft site: at the Simulation & Raid information option there is a data that i believe it is the stats weight for every class, the for the 3 dps specs the critical weight is over the half of the strenght weight, that would justify using 320 crit gems over 160 str gems (that is not my question), the problem is that the JC crit gem is not two times bigger then the JC str gem but the weight aren't detailed but i believe that the rule gem straight to crit would only apply to regular gems, not the JC gems.

In the weights that are specified on Askmrrobot: at least for warrior arms, the weight specified for str is 2.25 and crit is 1.25, so doing the math, 320 * 2.25 = 720 and for crit is 480 * 1,25 = 600, the conclusion is simple, for arms we should gem crit for regular gems and str for JC gems. In the other hand, for SMF and TG Fury, critical is way over more important then strenght.

my question is simple, which JC gems i should use for dps warriors? i will thanks in advance for the attention, i'm not in a rush and this one of the smaller issues in-game, since it don't interfere in a good player performance, but the question is bugging me in i decide to share with you guys. (i also know that the stats weight might be wrong and how critical is an important part of a warrior dps)

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Easiest way to decide this is to treat JC gems as if they were normal rare or epic quality gems. That taken into account, we tend to want crit>everything else. So if it happens to be a prismatic socket, crit. If it is a red socket, exp/crit or str/crit. If it is blue, hit/crit. Also pay attention to the bonus. It may be hard to wrap our minds around, but strength really isn't a focus point anymore, at least not in this tier of gear. For fury especailly we need more crit to up our enrage uptime. Crit affects all of our abilities moreso than pure ap from strength. In some cases if the socket bonus is for strength or haste, it may be best to socket pure crit into those peices. Still I am going off topic. Follow normal gemming rules and remember Crit>strength.

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