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Demonology help

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Hi all,

I just started playing a few months ago after a LONG time off. I started off as destro because a friend recommended it as "the best", I've gotten decent at it, but I feel like I'm playing a mage, not a warlock. So, I decided to switch to Demo, but am having some DPS issues. I'm pretty sure I am sticking to the standard rotation, so that is all good, however I know I am not using cooldowns like Darksoul properly. I have some logs below (askmrrobot and warcraft logs). I went Demo on Brack through the first pull of Imp. Any and all suggestions on how to improve my play would be wonderful!






P.S. destro tips are also welcome, but nowhere near as important to me.

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A couple of things that stood out to me.  First, are you not using your doomguard cooldown?  That's a huge amount of free damage you're missing out on if so.  I also see that you're not using your pet's felstorm, which especially on Tectus is a lot of easy damage.  As you said in your post, your cd usage could definitely be better, making sure you have has many cds as possible lined up when you're doing your fury dump is important.  On the Twin Ogron fight I noticed you only used dark soul/your trinket once.  Also on the Twin Ogron fight you seemed to have some trouble managing your demonbolt usage, you had the debuff up to seven stacks at the end of the fight which is really inefficient.   You also are only prepotting and not using a second one during the fight, using a second pot would definitely help up your damage.  

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What I do with DarkSoul is only use it when I've got 2 uses, but that's because i like to make sure I've got at least 1 for when I go into Metamoph and cast my 4 DemonBolts. Are you using the typical opener at the fight? 


  • prepot
  • Precast Soulfire
  • Doomguard/Terrorguard
  • Grimoire: Felguard*
  • Imp Swarm*
  • Hand of Gul'dan
  • Corruption
  • Shadow Bolt
  • Dark Soul
  • Hand of Gul'dan
  • Metamorphosis
  • Doom
  • 2 or 3 Demonbolt


The main thing is making sure you keep Corruption and Doom on as many targets a possible, and only cast SoulFire when MoltenCore pops. If MoltenCore doesn't pop just spam ShadowBolt until you've got around 850< DemonicFury, then pop DarkSoul, go Metamoph and cast another Doom and spam 4 DemonBolts and repeat.

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Right now my opener is:

(no grimoire or imp swarm because I don't have either ability)

I definitely do need to throw the Doomguard in there. That is a huge oversight on my part. I am working on making corruption a priority and doom is a little sloppy.

As far as Demonbolt goes, for some reason I thought having more stacks was better... I did do some research and also, as you guys say, clearly less stacks is the way to go. I suppose it's called a debuff for a reason. However, some how I manage to cap myself on Demonic Fury and still have time left on the debuff sometimes. At this point should I wait till it drops off? Or should I spend a few molten core procs in Metamorphosis?

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