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664 Boomkin looking for advice before starting BRF.

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I was told by my guild that posting here could be beneficial.  They recently asked me to change to boomkin so we could progress through mythic kargath and heroic BRF (apparently there are quite a few AOE fights in BRF).


I started highmaul progression as feral and stuck to it till about 3 weeks ago when I was asked to change to boomkin.  I've never played a ranged dps before and prior to WoD I only raided in wrath as a prot paladin.


Currently at 664 ilvl (Still using an agility ring..) i've been pulling an average of 21K - 26K. I really don't know if this is bad, average or good.


My armory link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/illidan/Imodium/simple

Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/waABYgLTc7JCDzf3#type=damage-done&view=events


I'm not sure if I posted the logs correctly - I really don't understand them.


Thanks in advance for any input. I'm looking to be the best I can at this class throughout BRF.

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Well, with a quick look at your logs...I have to say, you did a pretty great job if youre new to the spec.


The quick and dirty things I look for when looking at peoples logs are:

dot uptime

did you cap on starsurges

did you use cooldowns in available windows



Your dot uptime for moonfire/sunfire was:


Those values, while the CAN BE higher...youre in a really good spot for uptime.


You used a total of 58 SS/starfall charges...and in the fight, with natural recharge/shooting star procs, you had 59. One wasted charge is really good with the chaos of the fight. Obviously, we want to have 0 wasted...but 1?! thats good.


Your opener needs work, which can be fine tuned...and honestly? Is the least of my worries with what I have already seen. Its important to open strong, but thats just an ability order...you seem to be on the right track.


This is your opener (im linking directly, because im at work and dont have access to crop anything/host an image.





Below is Krazyito's opener, which is a perfect example of how we want our opener to look.



Now, in your case, you are using celestial alignment, which (also credit to krazyito for already writing this out) you would want your opener to look like this:


The correct opener should look like this. (Again remember, each number is 1 GCD)


  1. (Pre-pull) Inc
  2. (Pre-pull) Potion / Starfire (NOTE: Potion AFTER the GCD is done, not when you push incarnation.)
  3. Starsurge
  4. CA / Moonfire (Note: Macro this together, make sure that the GCD is done from the starsurge)
  5. Beserking / Haste trinkets / Starfire
  6. Starfire
  7. Starsurge
  8. Starfire
  9. Starfire
  10. Starsurge
  11. Starfire
  12. Starfire
  13. Moonfire (Right before CA falls off)
  14. Starsurge (Right before CA falls off)

So, pay attention to your log, and this above order. You will see you were right in the pocket, it just needs a little fine tuning.

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Hey Beard!


Thanks so much for going over the logs for me. I'm going to work on my opening and hopefully I can bring my dps up a bit. I'm not sure if its just my ilvl, or if I geared somewhat poorly (not maximizing mastery) on my gear, or if its just the fact that some classes can dps better. I feel like i'm somehwat lacking overall in my guild group. Usually below 5th place in damage done on most bosses.


Heres to hoping Ruhkmar drops my ring tonight so I can finally get rid of this agility piece heh.


Thanks again beard.

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Well, mastery is our best secondary stat, so yeah...you will want more gear with it. However, your opener sets the tone for the fight, opening strong gives us big numbers and allows us to keep a hold on higher overall damage. I have noticed myself that if my opener is off, or weak...I float lower. So opening strong is really key to maintaining a higher position.


Now, that being said...take a look at total/over all dps.


You came in 6th @ 7.5% of overall dps. Puling 15.89 million damage. The guy above you did 7.62% overall @ 16.14 million. 250,000 damage is all that seperated you from pulling 5th place in that kill. 600,000 damage from 4th. When you start looking at those types of numbers...maybe that opener could make more of a difference then you thought? ;)

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Good point, thanks again! Hopefully I can learn to go over the logs in some detail this week - not the most technical person in the world heh.


My raid night is on Friday and I will be practicing my opener in some pugs over the course of the week. Maybe I can get it perfect before then :).

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tip on looking at the opener:


I would first make a pin for Celestial Alignment (press the '+' button in buffs) then in the casts events page, in filter expression input: type = "cast"



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