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Warrior Dual Wield Dillema

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I ran some tests with simcraft today because i wanted to compare dps between TG and SMF. Also i added in a mixed 2h and 1h and found it odd that it was so low. I know you are not suposed to but why is it bad to mix weapons.


The results are on single target


SMF: 19441 

TG: 18587

Mixed: 16053

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Because when you mix, you don't get the buffs that come with SMF, nor are you wielding two two-handers.

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What Facade said. For further clarification, consider the tooltips that come with the Fury Spec:


Single-Minded Fury (x2 1H weapons): When you dual-wield one-handed weapons, all damage is increased by 30%, and your off-hand weapon will deal an additional 20% damage. Increases the damage of Execute by 15%.


Titan's Grip (x2 2H weapons): Allows you to dual-wield a pair of two-handed weapons.


The buff to SMF tries to compensate for the outright damage advantage of using two 2H weapons. Currently, with weapons of the same item level, SMF out-performs Titan's Grip. As Facade noted - when you equip a 1H and a 2H weapon you lose the damage advantage from being able to equip two 2H weapons and you lose the damage buff from SMF.


When trying to decide on whether to use Titan's Grip or SMF, it's typically better to go with the weapon combination that has the highest item level. This decision gets easier when the gap in item level is larger. If the items are close, then using SimulationCraft would be your best route to determine which puts out more damage. Most likely, even in close considerations, SMF will probably out-do Titan's Grip, however.


I hope this answers your question.

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