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[Arcane] Terrible DPS. Desperate for Help!

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Hey friends,


I've recently joined a progression guild for Heroic BR, and I can't, for the life of me, figure out why DPS is so low. I'm currently iLVL 666, and I am only averaging 22k dps on most fights, whereas most of my raid is averaging 30k+ 


When looking at logs, I'm in the 8% for damage done at my gear level, so I know this is on me. I've been playing for a long time, and I feel just awful bringing down the raid's DPS as much as I am. I've read nearly every guide out there, and I'm still having trouble breaking even 25k sustained dps, when sims are showing I should have no trouble doing that.


I know I'm doing something terribly wrong, I just can't figure out what it is. I've tried both Frost and Arcane specs, and I'm willing to listen to anything to help me get my numbers up!



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Unfortunately there are no points in analyzing fights where multiple targets exist. A Butcher / Gruul log would be most appreciated.

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You were in frost spec on the Gruul fight? smile.png


Other than that, i am no frost expert, but the two mistakes i can point out :

-You forgot to use a second potion during the gruul fight.

-You forgot 3 proc of frostfirebolt,


But that should not explain why you are only at 22k.


Ok i am going a bit deeper in our logs for frost : 


-You cast PC only at the start and at 3.30, which means that, even if you died at the min 5, you wasted two PC procs, which is a lot. That could explain some of your DPS loss with the potion you forgot.


-Same thing for mirror image, you cast it at the start of the fight,  and at min 3, so you wasted one mirror image proc.


Also, on your armory, i don't see any enchant on your neck and on your ring, so you are missing 125 mastery.

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I picked up both ring and neck last night, I'm enchanting them now. 


I'll have an arcane log from tonight to share.


Is there any tips to using PC better? I find the targeting reticule casting mechanic to feel quite clunky.

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Well, first, use it on cooldown tongue.png

Especially in arcane, where all our cooldown are well aligned (1min.30 for the instant arcane blast, 1,5/3 min for arcane power, 1,5min for PC).


You just have to be sure that the boss is going to stand still for the next 10s (like don't do it just before kargath berserker rush), and that the tank won't have to make any unexpected move. You will get used to it tongue.png

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