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[shadow] Need help, analyze playstyle

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i play SP for a while now, i love it etc ... the reason why im here is that my DPS sux. I just found out that i've been wrong insanity cliping (4 instead of 6 ticks between DPs) but still ... i think i must be doing something wrong.


Here is logs from our last BRF raids (8. and 9. 2.): https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/2466


I know what to do on single target fight ... i use CoT and dotweaving and since im smarter on insanity ticks now i belive my rotation is correct. Next thing i was doing wrong was casting SW:P and VT in execute phase.


The next think i need some info about is PI and SoN trinket. When is the best time to pop these CDs and is PI even worth using? Right now i pop it just before weaving but i often have to cut last few seconds from DOTs becouse my DP is over, MB is casted and i need to start MSpiking, should i put some MF in as a filler or just screw it and delete last ticks on DOTs?


So thats about single target fights .... ill try to list some simulated situations:

main target + adds (furnace): i tryed switch to AS, but the DPS was horrible, so i ended up with CoT and NO insanity. MS+MB primal target, keep SW:P and VT on adds and when i have 3 orbs i put DP on some add and then back on MS+MB primal target. In case of Maidens, i use the same, MS+MB one target and keep both dots on another 2, the same when there r only 2 targets and 3rd is on the ship. Is this correct?



In case on many adds ... should i put BOTH DOTs on all or just SW:P? I know i shuld not Mind Sear, at least not until 6.1.


Last think i would like to know is some simple advices for each encounter, here is my opinion:

Grull: CoT, Insanity, PI, simple singel target

Oregorger: CoT, Insanity, ToF (boost on creates), singletarget and MS+MB on creates.

Kromg: CoT, Insanity, ToF (boost on hands during grip but maybe better PI)

Beastlord: CoT, Insanity, ToF, seems like simple fight

Ka'graz: CoT, Insanity, ToF, when dogs r out, i dot boss and one dog and MS+MB the other one.

Hans'gar and Franzok: CoT, SoD, ToF. Classic CoT+dw rotation on main target and i try to keep both dots on second boss.

Operator: CoT, Insanity, ToF. Classic CoT+dw rotation on boss. When canon or man at arms r in i try to keep both dots on boss and MB+MS canons and dot weaving man at arms.

Blast furnace: have no idea ... for me worked the best CoT, SoD, ToF. P1 - MS+MB operators, both DOTs on the rest of adds and put DP on adds. P2 - i was MCing Guards, so not much to do, but i try to dot guards and slags and focus firecallers with MS+MB. When elementalist is vurnelable i just MS+MB and then DP and MF (not sure if this is the best dps output i can pop in this short duration of time). P3 - here is another issue, dont know, when i dont have Insanity, if i should use normal rotaton, dots, mf, dp etc or ...???

Iron Maidens: CoT, Insanity, ToF. Dot weaving main target, keep dots on all other bosses.

Blackhand: dont know ... i thing ill go with CoT and Insanity and PI.



Hope this post is readable and im looking forward some advices and tips and criticism smile.png


Thank you for your help!

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With how I play shadow it's always dot one and ms mb dot weave the other, I reapply the dots on the other high hp adds when mb is on cd and never when I'm maxed out on shadow orbs. Execute phase u never dot again imo. Mb and sw:d do too much dmg to waste redotting adds. Just focus one with mb swd dp insanity combo til dead as for ur clipping issue use a macro so u will never recast mind flay while ur already channeling it. I'd post the macro but I'm not at a pc atm. If clipping is a big issue then is personally not use power infusion.

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thx for answer. Dot clipping is not an issue any more. And i learned my lesson with DOTs in exe phase ;)


I woul still be rly glad if someone could take a deeper look into my logs and gear and try to help me answer the question why my dps is low. Right now i think it might have been becouse of my levels of haste and mastery, but im only guesing.

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First things first, macro your trinket to Mind Blast, so you use the trinket first, then mind blast second.


Just looking at Gruul, Heroic, Kill


When starting your dotweave, make it Pain, MB(5th orb), VT.  In this way, both dots will end at the same time and you won't have to Mind Spike weakened when you restart your spiking.


For some reason you're dotweaving during execution...?????????  Just use PW:Death, MB, DP, Insanity.

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Trinket: i read somewhere that i should use hastet rinket after i finish with my DoT weave, so right now i dont have it linked only to PI (when i have it selected) and poping it after dot weave ends. If this is incorrect, ill do as u say and like it to MB.


With this cast order (Pain, MB (5), VT, should i channel whole Insanity or just few ticks? Even if i channel whole insanity and then second DP and 2x3 ticks of Insanity, MB and then MS, i cut off last tick on both Pain and VT.


Yeah, i stated in main post that i know i executed execute phase wrongly, i know better now that i dont DoT weave :)

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