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Resto Shaman LF Log Analysis

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Hi guys,


i am looking for some help. My HPS is significantly lower than other healer's HPS. Am i doing major mistakes? What about my overheal/how to prevent overhealing?





feel free to look at all fights.





Thanks a lot in advance :D

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1. You don't have an enchant on the ring and for some reason use Breath enchants (cheap ones) instead of Gift. I think that a raider shouldn't play with cheap enchants on non-blue gear. 


2. You barely use HST which is the worst thing for a resto shaman. You have to drop it on CD, while you do it good if once in a minute.

3. Same with CBT - you have the talent and barely use it.

4. If you take Unleash Fury in talents, you should use Unleashed Life on CD - you do not. For ex, on Beastlord, which is almost 10 min fight, you used UL 9 times - it could be 35+.

5. HTT, Asc and your trinket Haste buff usage could be better, but it's pretty minor comparing to the other things.

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i am still working on my stuff.


here is a new log:



It was a twink raid, so don't look at the wipes please :D


I think i've been playing a little bit better. There is still a lot of work to do. What is your opinion?

For some reason i decided to choose Elemental Blast as a talent. I can't even handle UL :D

This log is with advanced combat log enabled. Could you take a look at the mana curve please? I think it looks ugly D:



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You logged off in Enh spec, so can't say anything about your Armory.



Butcher: the things are really much better. You still can do 1-2 more casts of HST and CBT, 5-9 more Riprides, but there is an improvement. I assume that you took Conductivity on this fight according to 5 casts of HR and 2.2M healing from it. Nice ^^

What I completely can't understand is why you didn't use HTT even once (could use it twice). You lost at least 2M of healing from it.

One Ascendance - could be 2.


Tectus: HST, CBT and EB usage is low. You should use some tracking auras for their CDs if you still do not use them.

One HTT and one Asc. You could use them twice.

You shouldn't cast direct heals on targets that don't need healing. 46% overhealing from Healing Wave isn't good at all. It gives you a bad habit of 'spamming', bringing you in the end to poor mana management without steady knowledge of right spell usage.


Brackenspore: same. you shouldn't cast HW on your tank with almost 50% overheal - it's waste of time and mana. Instead of this you should cast much more EB and more HST.


Twin Orgons: more HST, CBT and EB. Definitely two HTT, not only one.


Anyways, to summarize:

1. Try to get some tracking addon like TMW or WA to track your totems and EB cooldowns

2. Plan your fight ahead to be able to pull your HTT and Ascendance at least twice during an encounter

3. Do not spam direct heals when it's pure overheal. It's not a right way to charge your totem. Spend this time casting EB or totems.

4. If you don't feel comfortable with CBT and find it hardly manageable, try HT. 


Hope it helps :)

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