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Stat Priority Frost 2H

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Recently reached 100 and have been reading around for the correct stat priority at ilvl 680 +. Every website says something different and I cant find a clear definitive answer. Also is frost 2H going to be the top DPS spec for DKs for the foreseeable future?

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The stat priority for 2H Frost is as follows:


Haste (until atleast 1000, so around 30-40%) > Multistrike > Versatility > Crit/Mastery



Now, I really like 2H Frost, but let's face it. Unholy is better in every single aspect, it's better in ST (single target), AoE, has a higher skill ceiling (aka you're able to further increase your DPS just by your skill) and has an easier time gearing up, as you're going for Mastery and Multistrike in this order.

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