which belt?

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So im currently using a Normal


inv_belt_cloth_raidpriest_o_01.jpgCord of Winsome Sorrows


and i just got 


inv_belt_cloth_raidpriest_o_01.jpgGirdle of the Infected Mind


from a mythic chest. (dont know how to make the link mythic lol)


My question, is which belt? I know Versatility is practically our shittiest stat, but does the 30 ilevels outweigh that? I am either Demo or Destro and i know mastery is king so im not sure if its worth loosing all that mastery.


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Mastery is great for every spec.

But you know what's better?  Intellect.    The increase in Intellect (as well as the increase provided by the Crit and even Versatility) will probably offset the loss of Mastery/Multistrike.  



Warlock secondaries are well balanced.  The general rule of thumb seems to be that anything that is 10 or more item levels higher is an upgrade regardless of secondary stats.  

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