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Evening ladies and gents,


Thanks to the lovely help provided by Sottle et al, I've done better this month than I ever have before smile.png


However, I am now running into a fair bit of handlock, demonlock, wierd mishmash giantlock and similar things.  I seem to struggle a bit against this matchup.


I'm not sure if this is my play, my deck, or a combination of the two.  I usually play a no combo ramp druid, and I struggle to kill a handlock, or rapidly get him past the dangerzone of 10-15 hp.  


I'm currently considering 3 options:


1)  Carry on as I am.  It's one bad matchup but I'm mostly ok, and I'm sure theres plenty of room for me to improve my play of this deck.  


2)  swap in some additional tech like a second BGH or maybe a clockwork giant.


3)  Try playing a different deck - I've got the facehunter you guys helped me with, plus I've built a double combo fast deck and I am learning the differences between the two playstyles.  


As a bit of a curveball, I picked up both Al Akir and Neptulon out of packs this week, so I guess the gods want me to learn shaman.  Probably keep that shiz away from ranked for now tho.  


What do you think?  I reckon I'm hitting 10-20% handlocks right now.  Is it worth making a drastic change?

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