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Boomkin Low DPS assistance. Logs inside

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Hey guys. So thanks to a couple of people here, I have gotten a great UI setup and some solid advice on Boomkin DPS, especially the opener. I can't thank you guys enough for this.


That being said, I'm still getting pretty low DPS it seems on fights, and so I'm really hoping that you guys can help me out here with some tips/tricks/ideas. I can't really decide if it's just a gear issue, or if there is something I'm doing wrong.


Here are the logs from our last raid:




The one fight that really sticks out to me was our Kromog kill. So while I was 7th, and the margin between me and the top few DPS is fairly small, my overall ranking for my gear score was horrifically low, like the 15th percentile.


So yeah, any help would be great. Also, here are a few more logs for any sort of comparison if that helps at all.






Thanks again everyone for all your help. This community has been amazing.

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I really only briefly looked at Kromog, but I can help a bit there. Here are some easy to spot reasons your DPS is so low:

  1. You only used one potion. Always pop one Intellect potion immediately before the pull, then use another when you are popping your coolies later. If you can use it (and your coolies) during bloodlust, that's ideal. Except on Kromog, when you can use it during Starfall if you're just trying to top the meters.
  2. You are not using Incarnation. Use Incarnation. It's basically always better right now, especially on fights like this where you will be using Starfall and multi-dotting.
  3. You never popped your coolies during Happy Lucky Merry Christmas Starfall time, aka the "Hands Phase." The people who are ranking high are using Incarnation and Celestial Alignment AND their second potion during hands. In your case, also use your Shards of Nothing during Cooldown-Popping Meter-Cooking Combo Time.

These are also some reasons others are ranking higher:

  • Their raids did not kill the Runes of Grasphic Earth as quickly.
  • Trolls get to use an additional racial cooldown during Starfall.
  • Their trinkets and rings may have proc'ed during Starfall.
  • They may have used Heroism on the pull, increasing overall damage done for the raid as a whole and increasing the chances of having it overlap with trinket and ring procs for that huge burst of opening damage we boomkins do.
  • The 4-piece set bonus from Tier 17 may be helping them.


Edit: Keep in mind that topping the meters isn't everything. If your raid is wiping during the berserk (sub-30%) due to the increased damage, no one will blame you for saving your CD's to help minimize time spent in that phase. Sure, doing lots of damage impresses everyone. But if your raid is getting out of the hands fast enough as-is and is having trouble with that berserk damage, that may be more important than the meters. 

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Thanks for the info!


1. I could have sworn that I used my potion during the Heroism phase, but I could be mistaken. Either way, great advice and I'll have to make sure to do so in the future.


2. I was lead to believe that SotF was better. But I was always skeptical about this. I'm glad I got some confirmation. I'll switch to Incarnation ASAP.


3. The Hand phase seemed to go down pretty quicklike, so I never thought about doing that. But that's a pretty good idea honestly. I'll have to check it out.


Also, those other reasons are all really good ideas that I never thought about. I mean, I know about the Troll racial ability, but the rest are all really good stuff. I actually got my 2 piece T17 from the Kromog kill, which is kind of funny. The 4 piece is still a long ways away.


I totally get your point about wanting to save cooldowns for Berserk phase, which is what we have been doing. Our tanks are undergeared right now, so they take a lot of damage on that part and we need to get out of it as quick as we can. Maybe once that becomes less of an issue, I'll be able to not worry about it and can use CD's during hands.


I was also just more or less curious about some of the other fights and how to increase my overall DPS. I feel like I'm doing everything right, but it's just not there. However, I am more than willing to accept that is not the case as all, which is why I'm here asking for help.


Thank you again so much for your help! It really does mean a lot!

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