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BM Questions (Rotation)

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1) Focus Fire tooltip says that Frenzy stacks are consumed granting the player 6% haste per stack consumed. Since beast cleave is where the majority of BM's AoE damage comes from am I wrong in saying that it is beneficial to never cast focus fire in AoE situations to allow the pet's basic attacks to go to work on clustered mobs since it appears as if the pet loses the bonus attack speed when Focus Fire is cast? Or does my increased haste translate into pet haste as well?


2) Beast Cleave tooltip says pet melee attacks deal 100% of the damage to all other targets within 10 yards. Does this include kill command or does kill command stay as single target damage?


3) Do Focus fire, Bestial Wrath, Frenzy, and/or Beast Cleave apply to pets summoned by Stampede?

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1) FF should be used as soon as you hit 5 stacks, always, since you get 30% haste (you and your pet) and 25% AP (40% after the patch).

2) Melee only.

3) FF and Frenzy should, BW and BC do not.

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