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Assassination Logs

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Whats up guys i have a few concerns and questions about spec choice and my personal logs on some fights from brf. I see a lot of hate on the assassination spec and also see how low it sims compared to the others. Obviously combat will shine on fights like operator and beastlord, but single target and also fights like flamebender and hanz/franz i dont see how it is slacking. 


Heres some logs. I know i could use some improvements on my gems/enchants but id like some input on my rotation. I was 662 ilv for these fights.



Gruul heroic



Flamebender heroic




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Assassination just doesn't do as much damage as Sub single target, and not as much as either one on cleave fights. Even performing a rotation perfectly, you won't do as much as Sub or combat on single target or on cleave.


That said though, Assassination is a very simple spec and there's less room for error, whereas Combat and Subtlety are both more complex 


Your rotation is just fine, no super glaring errors. Rupture uptime could be marginally better, but even then it's only a couple percent. Everything looks pretty good to me

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