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Am I underperforming or undergeared? (Resto)

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I recently joined a progression guild as a trial, they are 7/10 heroic with maiden's going down tonight just ran out of time last raid period. I'm on a trial for 2 weeks to see if I get accepted into the guild or not and I want to make sure I'm doing everything possible to keep my raid spot.


So I'm basically wondering If I'm underperforming or if it's just my lack of gear that's holding me back. I'm roughly 10-15 Ilvls behind the other healers and shaman are in a weird way right now so I kind of expect that I'm probably throwing subpar heals.


I'm thinking my biggest error spots are my up times on riptide, and casting EB and HST on CD. I also don't really get a chance to use my big CD's (HTT, ASD) as often as I probably should on some fights because all of our CD's are managed by raid leader and I'm told when to use it and put into a rotation.


Here's a link to both my armory and logs from last week's raid where we did 7/10H down and a couple attempts on the Maiden's.


Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/kelthuzad/Rhorick/simple


Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/2VMQ1FRbyzYgJPf3#fight=5&type=healing

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I think you're right on the money. Cast riptide on cooldown for tidal waves. If I don't see someone missing health I just throw it on the main tank. Don't waste healing stream on cd, but as soon as you see a couple of targets under 90% I'd use it. (At the most it delays it 10 seconds per use just so it isn't pure overhealing).


Also if you're ending fights only using tide/ascendance 0-1 times let your raid leader know he can be more liberal with your cooldowns. There's usually times where you don't necessarily need a big healing cd, but you can have all of your healers use channeled mana potions at the same time with tide covering the heals.

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Yeah we just downed Maiden's and I was tied for last on the healing charts, but honestly most of the time I felt like I was just standing there until the very last phase. I did try to use my Ascendance more often though, I used it twice that I remember each attempt I could have probably used it a 3rd time if I wanted to use it for the sake of using it, but there just wasn't the need.

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Hi, Rhorick.


I would like to add a couple of things. 

First of all: HST should be dropped on CD. It's our only 'HoT' except of Riptide and shouldn't be delayed. I found recently that some people are confused thinking that it heals more than one person (two with Rushing Streams talent). It's not any sort of CD and delaying it is the same as delaying CH or HW - no reason for doing it.

Your Riptide uptime is very low, especially when you are playing with HT - every unused Riptide is an unused jump of your CH. You should keep an eye on this.

As you already mentioned, your EB usage is somehow low too. I saw in the logs that you don't have mana problems, but remember that EB provides a big buff of a secondary stat, not only Spirit buff.


I would like to clear whether your RL is calling for your Ascendance usage too, because normally only HTT counts as a raid CD that should be called, no Asc.

I see fights where you didn't use Ascendance at all or used it only once instead of 2-3 possible casts.

I think that it's essential for you to try and explain to your RL (if it's something possible) that resto shaman CDs are a big part of healing and preventing you from using them is not the best decision. Remind your RL that CDs could be a part of mana management, not only a raid saving from high damage. If you are already covered on CDs from other healers, use yours for saving mana.  


One tip that I can give you if you feel that there is nothing to do for you in fights most of the time. Change your weapon enchant from Spirit to Mastery. Try to play around with your talents: change from EotE to AS (more haste), EB to UF + CBT instead of HT.

UF+UL+HS charges your CBT nicely and CBT is a kind of a smart heal - it will resort the healing on discharge to the injured people. I think all this could help to your throughput in the current circumstances. 

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