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Help further gearing my Enh. Shaman

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Hey guys,


first of all, here's a link to my armory page: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/khazgoroth/T%C3%BCtensuppe/advanced


I'm currently raiding heroic HM and normal BFR with a raid group I joined only a couple of weeks ago. As you can see we're not too far or too quick progress wise, but since I've not really been raiding WoD before that's just fine and dandy with me. I've gotten quite a lot of upgrades already and I'm in no hurry to see all the content a month or two after it's out. I also feel like I'm performing pretty well compared to the other raid members (which all have a slightly higher item level than I do). I'm usually top 3 dps during any given boss fight so I don't think I'm doing too much wrong.


I've followed the Enhancement Shaman guide on here as much as I could while leveling and gearing up, but right now I'm a bit stumped as to how to further gear my shaman. My first goal was to get to 50% haste, like the guide says. I'm not sure why my armory page claims my haste is at 36.28% but in game it's actually around 30%.


The thing is, when both my trinket and both my weapon enchants proc I'm suddenly up to about 80% haste, which is obviously way above 50 and kind of goes into "that's a bit too much" territory. But is there such a thing as "too much haste?", especially considering that I'll be hitting faster with shorter cooldowns on a lot of my spells thanks to Flurry.


This is also the main reason why I'm still walking around with 636 blue warforged bracers with a socket. I haven't found anything that would adequately replace the 108 haste I'd lose thanks to the socket and the 73 haste on the bracers alone. If I put a +50 haste gem in it the bracers would be even harder to replace.


As I'm looking at my armory right now, the equipment has actually updated but the picture of my Shaman hasn't. I'm still weilding the two (normal mode) Hans'Gars Forgehammers that are in my inventory right now. I replaced two 670 weapons with the 665 Forgehammers because of the stats on the weapons. This has obviously led to some pure dps loss on the weapons but I thought the haste might make up for it. After the warforged Phemos' dropped yesterday, I decided "Screw haste! Gimme DPS!" and replaced both Forgehammers with what you see now.


Last but not least I've also not replaced my LFR feet, simply because no decent replacement has dropped from any of the raid bosses I get to kill, much less one that can replace a +50 haste socket.


So, sorry for my lifestory here, but long story short... from here on out, how do I gear my Shaman? Is it okay to forego haste in favor of higher item levels (aka replace haste with more agility)? Should I keep stacking haste tho all my procs make me go way above the 50% mark? It does feel kind of slow and plodding when the procs run out and I have to sit around with ~30% haste for the next minute or so, but the trinket proc alone makes me hit the 50% mark so I have no idea what to do really.


Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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you have the right idea with your stat priorities, but you should be going for ilvl over stats always, because agility is just badass, still enchant and gem haste wherever you can, also have 1 haste and 1 mastery enchant on your weapons. i went from 665 with 25% haste to 675 18% haste and my dps has not dropped but gotten loads better.


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