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Trouble finding specific adds on Thogar

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Hello, I'm having some troubles finding Flamemenders and Men at arms with the chaff of the crackshots and raiders in the way on the operator Thogar fight, when watching other dk videos, I see that they have not only a ui that shows targets and castbars more clearly, but tracks dots on the targets as well.


I have tried making a targeting macro but it does not seem to work, could someone recommend me an addon to help with this target switching, or an effective targeting macro?

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Tidyplates with Tidyplates: threatplates module does this very good.




you can also make nameplates bigger , change color , on specific targets


Edit: if you are using curse client you can right click and choose aplha build ( since it is outdated on curse) 


http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/tidy-plates-threat-plates/and use alpha

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As well as having tidy plates, depending on your UI setup, you can just click on the boss frame for the Man at Arms when he jumps off the train. That has been my solution to that sort of a targeting problem.

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