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[Feral] Need desperate help

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Hey IV,


I posted here before for restoration/balance. I recently picked up Feral due to the buff from 6.1, I've read Bradykin's posts on here and have found a lot of helpful information on what to do. I'm really struggling with the rotation though.




Here are some logs I have.


To add I was half asleep and was missing flask/pots but besides that I know I shouldn't be pulling such low numbers. My biggest obstacle is managing Bloodtalons and I sometimes run the addon Claw to sort of guide me but I feel that it'll just be a crutch in the long run. I really want to improve on this and make feral my main spec so any input/help is greatly appreciated, thanks IV.

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You are correct that you are missing out on a great number of BT buffs.  In fact, on some fights you are missing almost 50% of them.  Your priority of spells that you use your charges on seems a bit off as well.


To correctly manage BT, you need to be tracking several things:

1) Bleed damage modifiers

     - Most use a weak aura that displays the % strength of your currently applied bleeds vs you current buffs (if applied at that time)

2) Predatory Swiftness

     - Again, a weak aura is efficient at tracking the time remaining for each PS proc

          * NEVER let a PS proc go to waste! Even if you do not have 4 cp's, you should be casting HT before this buff expires.

3) BT charges

     - If you can see how many charges you have vs your current combo points, you can use them more efficiently


Feral isn't the sort of spec that you just jump into and do 90% of the potential output.  Expect to put in several hours of time at the target dummy just learning the basics.  Start by alternating your finishers between SR and Rip and maintaining Rake.  From there, work on pooling your energy before using a finisher to have ample energy to reach 4-5 cp's before PS expires.

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