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General Raid Awareness: BRF edition

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Hamlet made a pretty good post detailing some BRF specific things we should be aware of.  The part i found most informative though, was at the end when he was talking about boss mod spam.  Basically you should make an effort (at least while progressing on a mythic boss) to turn off ALL of your timers and option and and check mark things you actually NEED.  this way it greatly reduces the number of bars you get and you get to pay attention to things that matter to you. IF you read anything, read the last portion.


A plugin I got for DBM is called DBM Voicepack VEM, which adds a set of voice alerts to remind you of what is happening in the fight, things like "Spear soon", "Fire breath now", "Switch tanks", etc..  If you especially are fond of audio cues, or need something different to remember when things happen, this is a great addition to DBM as it keeps getting better.


Personally, I stopped liking the timers DBM has becasue they are overzealous with which alerts are shown and each time I try bigwigs I enjoy their timers, alerts, and overall general setup. In favor of bigwigs, I've always though they had just the right amount of timers. (although the particular example i give below is not good)  There are not very many times where I have to go in and disable timers I don't care about seeing in BigWigs, where as in DBM I pretty much disable everything but a select few.


I find Bigwigs cleaner than DBM for this reason, though I like using the voicepack as well to compliment.  So I compromised and started using both.  I left bigwigs pretty much default in regards to timers and such and i disabled EVERYTHING for each boss in DBM and only enabled the Voice and HuDMap related options in DBM. 

If you want an example of how Bigwigs and the DBM voice/HuDMap work together, you can look at my Ko'ragh video here.  I hope this post helped someone at least clean up their timers or make a decision they feel works best for them.


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