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[ENHA] Echo of the Elements

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The new Echo gets us to a hard decision:

Take the 5% Haste Buff of Ancestral Swiftness, or take the new Echo.

Pro AS: Haste Buff, no big deal with extra micro Management

Pro Echo: Dont even miss a milisec of LL and SS

con Echo: more micro


For fights like Gruul and Flamebender AS seems to get a nice output, unless you are realy unlucky with the Stone debuff.


For high mobility fights like Hansgar and Fanzok and Blackhand I think the Echo will get more Output because you don't miss a SS or LL and dont have to use Frostnova as often.


In AOE Fights with short living adds (Enha greetz :D ) as Beastlord I think it may be Echo.


For EM I see no real use, unless you have a low Haste rating (under 25%)


So what do you think ?


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Echo is awesome as it provides burst at pulls too but let's not forget that AS affects Primal Elementalist and Storm Elemental while echo doesn't


So For single dps fights where you will use PE and SE together i think AS will pull ahead a bit.



I was a fan of Echo before hand, but for example at maidens, it seems that AS making our flameshock hitting faster is also important.


Would be nice to theorycraft and analyze how echo recharges our 3 affected abilities if it's not just haste related.

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Yeah but Feral Spirits doesnt do as much as before. I've talked to several shamans and if they have better gear are waiting until they have their 4pc set bonus before they equip, the 2pc isnt good enough to lose other stats if they are better - really 5 seconds out of 2 min...

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I am switching from AS to EoE for a while to give a try. I noticed that the guide doesn't say to cast 2 SS or LL back to back. I was wondering what others, who have experimented with EoE more, do for their rotation.

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I already tried new EoTE... and I don't know... definitely I don't wanna say that it is bad or something but I just don't feel good with it... I don't like it. I prefer classic EM. To be honest I think dps differences aren't too high between this tier talents and during every fight depends on too many other stuff which affects your dps that best choice of this tier is still the talent you feel most comfortable with. Anyway for sure it's worthy to try.

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I switched my main resto and enhance offspec to EoE instead of AS. Already missing the 5% haste on both :( 

Since I didnt really play much enhance before I may not realize what I'm missing, but to be honest I am liking EoE. 


Arineon - not sure of the new rotation either, going to try to make time this weekend to hit the dummies and test it out.

For now I'm trying SS, LL, FS, SS, LL, UE, LB (hoping by the time I get to UE I've got 5 stacks of MW, if not I UE/LB even at 4 and carry on).

The extra LL and FN do come in handy when trying to AOE I must admit. 

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Well i also am fooling around 2 weeks now on how to start a fight with all cds on. EoE is messing things up at pull but if you keep your cool you can do it!


The rotation must be kept the same, however what i do is this at pulls


4ish seconds before pull

use spirit walk

Pop My elemental (storm or fe whatever you talent for)

cast unleash elements/fury


Pull happens - flameshock while running to melee  ;)

stormstrike twice Doggies and ascendance and all rest cds (racial etc)  Most probably you throw your lightning bolt now

Windstrike and then it becomes kinda as i said. You will be skipping lava lashes here for windstrike especially if you also bloodlusted-timewarped-heroismed :P The differences are really small and are even smaller if your latency is at 100 like mine. If you play with 40 or 30..well you can pull some nice numbers :)


It is certainly more spammy even after the initial pull but its fun if you get use to it and not get tired. I won't change it, one week after my post here, not going back to AS at all.


The only thing that annoys me are the unused lava lashes when you have flameshock spreaded on many targets. Examples Beastlord Darmac and Maidens. As i said on another post today, Maelstrom Stacks for chain lightning in aoe is priority compared to 2 spammed lava lashes. Thats what feels like at least in maidens when i was prioritizing Lava lash and then for few hours stormstrike . Overall dps was better on the later.

 So say you have your 3 targets, flameshocks ticking, stormstrike spaming, fire novas recharging, and boom! lava lash from surge procs. What do you do? Your haste has already low cds on all your affected skills, most probably you will want to be doing :

Stormstrike, Fire Nova  on cd without delays at all

and between you have these combos to fill in on time intervals

flameshock lava lash as a flameshock recharger on your targets,

unleash elements before one fire nova every few of them

and chain lighting whenever its ready after your fire nova and before next stormstrike.


The more haste we get the more precise and less giving for lava lashes it becomes tongue.png


Beastlord guy

Here you have the stress of filling as many fire novas as possible as all AOE whores will make the extra small adds die too fast. Here your priorities are to have unleash elements and lava lash ready while flameshock on boss has many seconds still up or your flameshock is ready when you get them at range( if the boss isnt tanked near the add entrance)

 So flameshock from far one beast add and lava lash, unleash elements fire nova x2 , stormstrike, chain and fire nova cause they are dead tongue.png

 Add the frustration of dropping your magma totem properly and liquid magma to be ready, Tip from this old guy, dont use liquid magma at pull/prepot so that you definitely have it ready when the first pack of adds arrive.  Another tip, throw some flameshocks to the weapons manually, lava lash doesnt seem to spread it.

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