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Boomkin DPS help (Warcraft Logs inside)

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So I've been working on my DPS quite a bit lately, reading the posts here, getting tips and tricks along the way that have been very helpful. But I could really use some help on certain fights. I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong and if it's anything I'm doing, or if it's just the nature of the fight.


Here are the logs from our recent raid last night:




The fights I'm looking for help with specifically is Gruul, Hanz and Franz, and maybe some help on Iron Maidens.


If anyone is good with logs and can help out with this and give me any sort of advice, that would be amazing. Thank you all so much!

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Hi Qelyn,


as requested what I found for the following bosses:



- Dotuptime good

- Dont Starfall. I dont know why you did that, but even though you, lets say, have 2 stacks up of Lunar Empowerment and have 3 charges of SS ready, you shouldnt use Starfall for singletarget. If you use Starsurge (yes, even if you have 1-2stack Lunar Empowerment), you will do more damage than by using Starfall

- use your 2nd INC/CA/pot with Bloodlust/Timewarp.

- Do not macro INC/CA together. First INC, then wait the GCD of it and then use CA



- Dutuptime again good

- good Doting and Starfall onto crates

- Incorrect opener. You did CA -> INC -> Starfire -> Mondfire. Please check the other topics here to see the proper opener

- you did your 2nd INC/CA while Solar eclipse. ALWAYS use INC / CA at the begin of Lunar



- Dotuptime good

- You forgot to user 2nd INC/CA (only did once at begin)

- Opener incorrect. Again INC/CA used together at the same second (but then you did Moonfire -> Starfire ---good)

- Dot both targets and keep them rolling...Especially at pull with INC / CA alive


Maidens Wipe 3:

You died at 10:13 so i checked from 00:00 till death:

- Dotuptime good

- Starfall uptime good

- Forgot to use INC/CA again for the 3rd time at around 6 minutes (you only did at beginn, after about 3 minutes and at 10 minutes)

- Have I mentioned the incorrect opener yet? smile.png same here

- At Bosspull with INC/CA alive Dot every boss then star casting (this also goes for 2nd/3rd etc use of INC/CA)

- consider using Talent Balance of Power or Stelar Flare for this Boss

- try to Dot only at or near Lunar Peak / Solar peak. For Solarpeak you only need to cast one Sunfire to hit all 3 target at once (if they are beeing tanked together, what they should be)

- keep casting. I see in your replay, that you very oftern literally only cast 1 Starfire in Lunar eclipse. Or 2 Wraths in Solar...


Good Luck. feel free to come back anytime for further questions / log analyses

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This is perfect. Thank you very much.


Gruul: The Starfall was just me being stupid and fat fingering my keyboard. As far as using the 2nd set of CDs, that's because the raid leader never mentioned when we would hero, and so I just used them when they were available and in the right phase. Then he literally said "Oh crap, hero please". I was less than happy. :-P


Oregorger: I think I just jumped the gun on the 2nd set of CDs and didn't wait for Lunar. I need to be better at that obviously. I'll make sure to keep an eye on that.


Hans/Franz: I'll make sure to be better about keeping DoT's on both of them. Is this a fight where I want to be using Starfall all the time? Or is it not worth it?


Maidens: I'll check out Balance of Power for this boss fight, see if it helps boost my DPS. I heard Stellar Flare isn't very good right now. I could be wildly incorrect though.


Also thank you very much for the help, especially with how bad I am at my opener. I will fix that today.


I'm certain I'll have more logs for you next week, so again, thank you VERY much for combing through them. :-)

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You didn't Nature's Vigil or Barkskin a single time.

You eat a lot of mechanics.

You're not using healing tonics.


Sit on a dummy for 15 minutes before a raid and warm up.

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