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Boomkin with avg/below avg dps (logs)

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Hey all, I rolled druid and just swapped from resto to boomkin around the start of BRF. I was doing well in my previous guild but after switching guilds and playing with more skilled people my dps seemed to not look too hot anymore.


I have a full set of logs from our raid last night, I'll default it to beast lord because that is where I should be doing much higher than I am.



Also look at gruul.... I am at the bottom with 31k dps... My ilvl was 683, now 687 with the 5 ilvl bump. Do you see any glaring issues?


Thanks for all the help and advice.

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Hi Phloozy,

please enable Advanced Combat Logging at WOW for future logs


Try to replace Quiescent Runestone asap by Darmac or Oregorger trinket


heres what i found out:



- Dotuptime good

- Starsurge usage 19 of 24. Work on that one.

- You use your Starsurges mainly for Lunar - Good

- Opener average, you did twice Moonfire after CA, try to avoid that

- You also did only 5 Starfires within CA. Thats a huge DPSloss. To compare: I get 8-9

 But, besides that double Moonfire at beginn, you did nothing wrong. So why only 5 Starfires?? Wheres the diffrence to me or others? -> Berserking and Darmac trinket. Both haste buffs allow this. As said above try to remove Runestone trinket asap

- You received Shatter two times. The issue here was at both of them you did nothing for 10 seconds (0 DPS). You used Displacer Beast (I guess to get away from your mates) and then you got shattered. Try to position yourself 7 yards away from your mates at the beginn of the fight, so you dont have to move when you get Shatter. And keep casting until you get stunned by it.

your shatter:

00:00:30.755 Phloozy casts Sunfire on Gruul arrow_right2.png 00:00:34.770 Phloozy casts Displacer Beast arrow_right2.png 00:00:37.997 Gruul Shatter Phloozy 33526 arrow_right2.png 00:00:38.648 Phloozy casts Moonkin Form arrow_right2.png 00:00:40.128 Phloozy casts Moonfire on Gruul

As you can see. There are 10 seconds between your Sunfire and your Moonfire


Compare to my shatter:

00:00:35.349 Bonitá casts Starsurge on Gruul arrow_right2.png 00:00:36.365 Bonitá begins casting Starfire arrow_right2.png 00:00:39.015 Gruul Shatter Bonitá 34896 arrow_right2.png 00:00:39.482 Bonitá begins casting Starfire arrow_right2.png 00:00:40.933 Bonitá casts Starfire on Gruul

=> 3 secs (time stunned)


- You got 4pc t17 => You used your 2nd CA too late. Use it as soon as CD falls of. And only use it in Lunar, not in Solar

00:01:53.261 Phloozy casts Celestial Alignment arrow_right2.png 00:01:54.403 Phloozy casts Sunfire on Gruul arrow_right2.png 00:01:55.713 Phloozy begins casting Wrath arrow_right2.png 00:01:56.938 Phloozy casts Wrath on Gruul arrow_right2.png 00:01:56.995 Phloozy begins casting Wrath arrow_right2.png 00:01:58.531 Phloozy casts Wrath on Gruul


- Because of above mentioned, your 3rd CA got ready at 3:15..Too late to be effective in your fight, cause it ended at 3:22


- Keep casting. You missed a lot of possible Starfire casts.-. Compared to me (also ilvl 683 with Killtime 3:25) I did 52 Starfire casts with an average DPS of 73,992.

You did only 36 Starfires with average 60,693


My Gruul:





Well well Darmac. What shall I say about Darmac?. You can play this Boss by two ways. Either you Singletarget DPS him, and start Starfall later in that fight when the spears will set fire (faster Bosskill) OR you go for max DPS for nice Rankings, then you will Dot and Starfall the spears on every time

(Me, I prefer option 2 on Heroic, haha, just because it doesnt matter and i want to be high ranked :D / For mythic progress, Shedim says, its better for the raid to do option 1)


So to your logs:

(you did option2 - maxAOE. So I will continue with that)

- if you AOE, you must/should DOT every spear. AND very important: try to be in Solar when PackBeasts spawn, so you can Dot all of them by 1 Sunfire cast

- you had a nice Starfull uptime, but you never got across the 80k DPS peak. Neither at pull, nor later. Thats mainly why your overallDPS is low

- if possible, wait with your CAs and INC/CAs for next Pack beast spawn and DOT the Spears with CA up

- Dont INC in Solar. You did at your 2nd INC


to compare my Darmac last week:



- As you can see I did cast Starfall 6 times less than you, but had 1.7 million damage more

- Did 11 Moonfires more resulting in 1 million more

- Did 14 Sunfires more, including the spread of the DOT to all PackBeasts around, leading to 1.8 million more


If you add this up, you know why you did only 43k dps.


As at the beginning said, if you choose to play as maxAOEboomi at Darmac, you need to focus on Starfall and Dots. When pack beasts spawn hit them with a single Sunfire, Dot them spears, especially with INC and / or CA up

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