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I seem to be having some trouble with my Weak Aura setup but it only started happening recently (I think).


I have a number of auras setup which basically just apply the glow to my action bars for certain abilities. Example: When blood tap charges are >10 it lights up Blood Tap, When there are no diseases on the target is should light up Outbreak, when in danger of capping runic power it lights up Death Coil, etc.


Lately it seems like the button glows are going away prematurely. I'll start combat and it will light up all the correct abilities but then the glows will go away after I use a couple of those abilities. It's almost like instead of just removing the glow from one of my buttons it's removing it from all of them. I've had the hardest time trying to track this problem down and I figured I would turn to the place where I've seen the most Weak Aura discussion that has been useful to me. If this post should go somewhere else let me know.


Here is the string for my setup. Hopefully someone can help.

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