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I generally just cast, very rarely fistweave...mostly because Im not familiar with it, so I stick in my comfort zone. 


I want to learn the ways of the fist...and would like to know, which fights in BRF support the fistweave style over others.


Some fights it would seem pointless, while others I could see some benefit. I have read guides where a lot of monks will start the encounter in crane to build some MT stacks...but are there fights where we can almost fistweave exclusively?


Any input appreciated.

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On heroic I fistweave (almost) exclusively on Flamebinder & Operator Thogar. Sometimes I'll go back to serpent for the Man at Arms Aoe on thogar.

Iron Maidens I think most monks tend to fistweave until the last 20%


Mythic I've fistweaved pull on Oreg (until hero was over) And on Darmac I fistweave maybe 50% of the fight. Those are the only mythic bosses we've done so far unfortunately.



I've put up a post here about a weakaura I made that helps you fistweave, if you're interested.

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I would say that it does not depend on the boss as much it would depend on the situation the raid group is currently in. 


For example a situation where the fight is going rather slow and the healing is going well if you have 2 or 3 healers go fistweave and make sure your statue is in a viable place and you are with the melee group. 


In my guild raid fistweaving is not manditory it is my choice to make whether I feel like it is necessary that is the choice that you have to make


What I would normally do is make 4 checks:

Hazards: What is by the boss and how much damage would it do

Healing: how much healing are you doing and how much healing other people are healing

Raid Damage: How much raid damage is being taken and is is single target or raidwide

DPS: How much DPS are the other raiders doing and do they need any extra DPS


These are the checks that I make before deciding to fistweave or stay mistweaving


I hope you find this helpful and good luck with raiding smile.png

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This post is about 9 months old, I suggest you look at the post date before you reply to a thread to avoid necro-ing a it.

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