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Raid setup healingwise.

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Hello Icy-veins! 
So my guild has started to come along nicely so far in BRF HC for a 2 nights a week raiding guild. 
We downed thogar and are now working on kromog wich we seem to have had a bit of trouble with the hands dps wich we solved last week. 
Now im just wondering how many healers we should be running with for different amounts of people coming? 

At the moment we are currently running between 11-15 people each raid and most of them wich are melee. 

We are running with a druid healer, me as the resto shaman, and a priest as core, and currently one of our hunters running on his priest as disc to compensate some healing. 

What is the optimal amount for 15 people? 

Regards, Artróxa

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Usually for 15 people you'll see 4 healers, as it seems to be the standard 2/4/9 comp (2 tanks, 4 heals, 9 dps).

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In my experience the more healers the better for kromog, as long as you can still break everyone out of hands. a standard 2t/3h/5d  or 2/4/9 is fine, but the hardest mechanics will be on your tanks and heals. and I've done it with a group that was something like 3/7/12. which eliminates most of the difficulty on your heals and tanks, but your aoe dps needs to be high to break everyone out during grasping hands.


so really the priority goes like this

1.) Strong enough dps to break all the grasping hands quickly

2.) as many healers as you can fit while still doing #1 easily

3.) a third tank if you really need to

4.) ???

5.) Loot

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While the general idea of 2/4/9 is right, I prefer to update our healing setup for every boss.

The effectiveness of healing and amount of healers depends pretty much on your tactics and ability of your fellow raiders to avoid unnecessary damage.

My raid runs normally with 18-20 people and 4-5 healers (we have 6 healers but my approach is to do the fights right and efficient, not by brute force and / or overhealing). 

Healers: Holy Pala, Resto Shaman, Disc Priest, two Resto Druids. 

Per boss (heroic 18-man, average ilvl in raid 680):

H&F - 4 healers ( healable with 3 healers on farm)

Flamebender - 4 healers (healable with 3 healers on farm)

Kromog - 4 healers. There is no need for 3 tanks at all if your tanks understand the mechanic of the boss and do it right.

Beastlord - 4 healers (healable with 3 healers on farm)

Operator - 4 healers

Oregorger - 4 healers.

Gruul - 4 healers (healable with 3 healers on farm if the tanks have personal CDs from non-healers)

Iron maidens - 3 healers up to 15-man raid, then 4.

Furnace - 4 healers (5 for 20-man, depending on your tactic for the last phase)


For 15-man with pala, shaman and disc I would go with 3 healers, except of Kromog and Furnace - here I'm not sure.

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