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Hi. new rouge here and i have some questions about combat gearing in relation to the weapons now i know that the icy-veins page for combat tells you to use slower weapons but I am wanting to know why that is. I trust it works but I like to understand my class and why it works. Any info is great thanks!!

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Because the damage dealt by certain Combat only abilities (namely Sinister Strike,Revealing Strike and Killing Spree) is based of weapon damage per hit rather than total weapon DPS,so a 1.6 speed dagger of the same or somewhat higher item level with higer total DPS will do less damage than a slow 2.6 weapon with lower total DPS since the damage of aforementioned abilites is based upon the average damage per weapon hit rather than the average damage done during X amounts of hits (DPS in other words).

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    • By Naztharos
      Now as i have run into this debate with many rogues that have asked me for advice on how to improve there dps from many different specs i have not been able to give a good answer. i have been playing since vanilla but am only casual so i don't have all the answers. 
      *On a side note. all of these assumptions are for people who play solo or are just in casual social guild who don't raid or do mythic dungeons. Yes these people are far more common that a lot of people seem to believe. 
      My typical first step is to look over there gear. and most people have the same issue. no tier, no trinkets, only baneful / lfr gear. and most of them have been sub spec. 
      so first question id like you all to help me with. 
      Is it even worth playing sub until you have your normal 4 set and soul cap?
      I have been telling people no simply because i have never seen it done EVER. however im only casual so i dont know 100% myself. i play under the assumption that combat and assassination are going to give far better results simply because its a much simpler rotation for people. is my assumption correct here or am i a noob myself?
      Next part is what i just mentioned. i have been suggesting people to swap specs and work towards the gear they need to start preforming better with the better single target specs. such as normal raid content, not heroic.  
      I usually suggest going combat to start since its the easier spec to learn in my opinion and working on clearing normal for the basic gear. starting on some trinkets and tier. 
      Question here is that really the easiest way to go about it? some people HATE when others try to tell them how to play. But if you ask for the simplest way would this not be the best way to go? Is there an even simpler way to go about it that i'm completely missing?
      And here is the question about the hated PVP gear. personally i have no idea why people hate this gear so much on some classes. my hunter, rogue, warlock are all full pvp gear except trinkets. and they all do exceptional numbers on normal and they are all right on the base minimum requirement for heroic (which i believe is around 45k min.) 
      So i have been telling people to Try and pvp for the upgrades they need. and as long as they follow the stat priorities listed here on the site that it should carry them easily through normal. assuming they were lower than full empowered baneful gear of course.
      Do you think that for at least rogues is a easy way to gear up for normal raids? and get most of the stats you need?
      And finally the mythic dungeons. people seem to think that they are the same as heroic and will run in there with not even 650 ilvl and literally do nothing, I have been tying to explain to people that you should at least have mostly upgraded baneful gear (not the item upgrade that you buy with valor, just the Rng upgrade chance when you identify the gear / use the token on it.) and know how to play your basic spec before entering these.
      I get laughed at alot for this for some reason but everyone seems to think that there is a fleet of nice helpful random people perfectly willing to carry people through them. in truth they mostly piss people off. if someone tried to waist my time like that id leave instantly unless i knew what i was going into before hand. 
      Question here is am i right to assume that people should at least have id say roughly 685 gear and know how to play the spec? i know i expect alot but i assume anyone who is trying to do this actually WANTS to make progress. not just shuffle around and stagnate. 
      Also im sure sure all of these are answered in other topics but i don't have a lot of time to go search through forums to find all the answer's. Any and all input would be nice here i am not looking for people to tell me i'm right. i actually want to know if i'm wrong. the idea of this post is to kinda help guide people who want to do endgame but don't know the way.
      *Last note. Sorry if this is all jumbled and out of order. i will fix it up if i get the Help im looking for. 
    • By Novax73
      recently back to WOW, used my lvl 100 boost on my Combat rogue and my DPS is half of what it should be. My Item lvl is about 670. My single target is about 16K and my multi is around 21K. the DMG calculators say it should be between 29K-36K single and 34K-50K multi. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. i use instant poison and Toggle Blade Flurry when its a multi target event and of when single. I Use Anticipation over mark of death as i find it easier.
      My rotation is start Ambush>Revealing strike>SnD
      then i pop my cool downs normally in this order. Killing Spree, Shiv, vanish>ambush>Preparation>Vanish>Ambush>AR
      Then SS>5X CP>Eviscerate till any cool down resets while keeping SnD, Revealing strike and Internal Bleeding from Kidney shot up as much as possible. 
      I don't know what i am doing wrong, is it just being accustomed to the game? I've seen many videos on Rogue rotations and they don't do much more than me. 
      I need help and have no idea whats wrong Please Help me.
    • By Destal
      Ok I'm looking at Wow logs and I'm in the lower really lower percetile and I'm lost to why.
      I use ambush reveling strike sinister strike and then keep up slice and dice and reveling strike then SS to 5 and Evis for rotation. Vanish for ambush when up. I was using killing spree after adrenaleine rush now i have reversed it.
      Last time in LK when I posted my build was so bad I was thought a trol but no just a old man that is missing the fine points  having  a issue transfering from what i read to ingame.
    • By Nyoron
      Hello people!
      I am currently raiding in two different specs. Sin for Single-target Encounters and Combat for Multi-target. I need Mastery/Crit for Sin and Haste for Combat. So how do i enchant my Stuff? (Look at the bottom for my conclusion)
      My iLvl is ~695 and we are at 9/13 HFC nhc.
      armory if anyone is interested:
      Currently my Enchants and Gems are Mastery. My Daggers are enchanted with Crit because Shadowcraft told me so. For Combat i am using two slow weapons with Haste enchant.
      The best way to do it would be getting two of each enchant-able pieces of gear (for example: two neck slots - 1 haste, 1 mastery). Let's be honest; that's not going to happen.
      So i have done some research. I chose some of the high-ranked rogues by this list:
      In the top ten i found three Rogues playing Sin/Cbt:
      The first two are enchanted with Mastery even in Combat Spec
      Wance is enchanted with Multistrike
      (as of July 7th 2015)
      Shadowcraft says the Stat weights for my specific Equipment are:
                    Sin     Combat Mastery 0.596 0.529 Crit       0.543 0.477 Multi     0.537 0.539 Haste    0.456 0.773 Versa    0.451 0.459    
      Multistrike is the "best" average stat for both Specs. So i guess it would be possible to go for Multi? However Mastery is pretty damn close.
      Most of the Encounters are being played with the Sin Spec anyway. Therefore my Conclusion is: Mastery is the way to go.
      What are your thoughts on this Topic? I know it is mostly nit-picking, but i would be interested.
      (Sorry for grammatical mistakes. Not my first language)