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Help to improve my dps.

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Started doing logs and realised I wasnt so badass as I had thought. So what Im wondering is how I can improve my game so to say.




I know that I have forgotten to change from NP to Defile for some of the bosses like Gruul and Ore.


In general friend you are doing I would almost say exceedingly well. Great uptime on necrotic plague most fights, scourge strike usage above festering strike, fairly good soul reaper uptime (we'll get back to that). In general you are to the stage where we have to nit pick a bit to get better.


You seem to prepot on every fight which is great but many times you do not pot up again once you lose your buff. A couple times you did but it seems you forget on most fights.


A big one that I didn't see is anti magic shell usage. You use anti magic shell to soak up damage but it poops out runic power in return. This is a big dps gain. In most fights unless I missed it, I don't see you using AMS at all. High AMS uptime and good attack soakage will lead to a nice dps gain. On the fights you did AMS a couple times you had much higher dps. On other fights you don't use it at all


Soul Reaper: Once boss hits 45% this is your main priority attack. In general you are pretty good with this but on many fights your uptime could have been better.


So, in general you are doing pretty good just need to fine tune some things. I'm sure others may find additional advice or suggestions for you :D

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Big thanks for the input. As you say I only use AMS for soaking and I rarely consider the amount of runic power I have when using it. Will try to remember this in the future and see what happens. And as you say, I prepot but especially on fights when you use BL in the beginning I might forget to use the 2nd pot.


Again big thanks for the input smile.png

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