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[Balance] DPS Help with Logs

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Hello, I am a new Balance Druid. As I am leading the raid I am kind of embaressed to be at the middle of the skada. I dont know what I am doing wrong but I can't keep up the DPS with other peep. 


Logs: (BRF HC)







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Hi Needless,


first of all to mention is, use the best enchants and Gems you can get, meaning please use +50 Mastery gems, +75 mastery entchant on neck and 100Mastery/runspeed on cloak


checked your gruul log:

- try to spend more Starsurges in Lunar. You had 11 Lunar and 9 Solar Empowerment.

- Use your 2nd Int potion together with Inc and CA, you did use it at 01:35

- You have 4pc of t17 but only used CA twice in this fight. You could have used it three times

- It would have been better to use the Use-Haste-trinket in combination with INC/CA. Doesnt mather anymore as I see from your armory you have removed this trinket

- You sometimes overwrite your Empowerment buff by again using Starsurge although you stll have this buff up. Try to avoid that

- Cast Moonfire / Sunfire when about to leave the eclipse, not at eclipse peak

- you wasted your complete 2nd use of CA by. You used it in Solar, but you casted twice Starfire and then Wraths. Use CA in early Lunar only

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