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Fury War Needs Dps help: analyze logs!

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Hey I could use some help was on H gruul a fight I have been 33k+ before on and last night could not get above 28k. This seems to be a recurring problem on single target fights and I would like to be more consistent. Thanks in advance. Voxz


Log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/9f2MjGAaVxHLw8pZ


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You shouldn't spec for Siege breaker, ever.

Like ever... tongue.png

(The only way to make it useful is to play a weird Avatar/Scabbard Mastery stacking build)


On Gruul I'd personally spec Bloodbath & Anger Management with Storm Bolt.

Speccing Avatar is fine as well though. Usually choosing between Avatar or Bloodbath depends your "Use trinket" and how it times out during the fight.

Avatar has a pretty annoying timing so most people opt for bloodbath.


Then there is your gear but I'm guessing you know that :P

You actually have a surprisingly high up-time on enrage for that low amount of crit happy.png


I can't really see any big mistakes that you're doing tbh. You seem to be doing quite well even

Cooldowns are nicely stacked, 2 pots, high enrage up-time...


Just give those 3 things a try. Anger Management, Bloodbath and Storm Bolt

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Another thing, I'm not sure about that though because Armory is bugging out on your weapons tongue.png

But it looks like you have a warforged weapon in your off-hand.

Should always put your hardest hitting weapon in your main hand.

Having it in your offhand is a strange misconception that's been going around since wildstrike will do more damage.

But it's been proven quite some time ago that having your best weapon in your main hand is better because of execute and melee hits.

The difference will be very minute but it's something to keep in mind for the future wink.png

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I actually have a H tanners spine in my main and a normal warforged tanners in my off so ya I have seen posts on that but again thanks for taking the time to look over my info. :D

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