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My DPS is lacking, opening burst is usually pretty good, but then i just plummet and I can't figure out why. Our other ret has tried helping me, but noting has improved. Any help would be awesome.


Log for Gruul: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/XmNzAZfBxT7YdgVp#fight=5&type=summary


Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/korgath/Xandarkun/advanced


I also recieved that belt later in the raid, for Gruul, i used the belt from heroic Brackenspore.

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Well I have some advice, first dont use avenging wrath with 17 haha. Ok let me explain, your set bonus gives you 3HP after exo proc right? OK well do you use this during avenging wrath + AV? I assume you stack them together. Answer is no your just losing a very strong set bonus on your highest point of dmg. So I would recommend Sanctified wrath. This brings me to another piece of advice. You should always pop ES on cd. You pop ES+wings, ES(1 min mark), ES+Wings, ES etc.. this becomes even better with the t18 rotation. Something else I may suggest is pick either crit or multi not both. Some of your spells can not crit, but they can all multi so thats why you chose one or the other. Other wise you have a very very low rng chance for both. Another thing I would suggest is macro your very very strong trinket to wings. With SW they line up every single time. hmm maybe get haste on a ring (lowest stat) to get you to haste cap but your close so up to you on that(I would).


Forgot to mention and to lazy to rewrite. Looking at your logs you need to keep a closer eye on yoru ES cd logs showed you lost 1 full cd on thye logs you posted.

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