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Mastery vs Versatility Surviva.

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I've been playing marksman for all of Warlords but since getting my 2 set bonus from BRF I've swapped to survival and have a questions regarding my stat priority.


The Icy-Veins and Azortharian guide state that versatility is ranked higher then mastery but can someone tell me why?


My hunter currently has 367 mastery and 412 versatility unbuffed, the damage bonus he recieves from my mastery is 11% to all damage but my autoshot and my versatility only gives a 3% to all of my damage when its regarded the greater stat and a 3% damage taken reduction, which is very little compared to my mastery and doesn't seem worth focusing on.


Coming from a dps perspective wouldn't that mean to get the most dps out of my hunter I'd be better off prioritising mastery over versatility to give a 11%+ buff to all of my main abilities since auto shot deals very little of my total damage?

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The reason Versatility > Mastery is that Mastery doesn't benefit all of you abilities, namely Auto Shot, your pet, Stampede (or any of that talent tier for that matter), and Barrage/Glaive Toss/Powershot.  Combined, that's about 30% of your damage that doesn't benefit from mastery.  Everything, however, benefits from versatility.

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